Boosting HGH Levels Naturally for Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

Bodybuilders well understand the importance of HGH or human growth hormone in building muscle and burning fat. Here’s an interesting video HGH not only affects muscle growth in your body but is also regarded as the Fountain of Youth. It’s production in your body begins declining with age and this decline sets into motion the aging process. … Read more

Side Effects of Growth Hormone

If you are bodybuilder, I am sure you know what HGH or growth hormone is and how it can help you get bigger, stronger and muscular. As a matter of fact, growth hormone can deliver you better results as compared to testosterone. And this is simply because it’s the master hormone in your body that … Read more

Does Growth Hormone Lead to a Descended Gut?

Does Growth Hormone or HGH lead to a descended gut? This is one of the commonly asked questions with regards to HGH these days. I am sure you must have seen a lot of bodybuilders with large bellies these days. The phrase ‘pregnant bodybuilders’ is now being used to describe such guys who have thick … Read more

Why Saturated Fats Are Good for Your HGH Levels

Conventional wisdom has long been telling us that saturated fats are no good for us. The word ‘fat’ of course comes with negative connotations and saturated fats are also known to be high in calories. Add in a link with high cholesterol and you have a few very good reasons to avoid putting saturated fat … Read more

Why Alcohol Will Damage Your HGH Production

Most of us enjoy a tipple every now and then. Whether you’re someone who likes to drink in the evening after work to cool down, or whether you just like to have a big night out every now and then, it’s hard for most of us to imagine living completely without alcohol. That said though, … Read more

The Top Foods That Reduce HGH levels

If you want to succeed as a bodybuilder then you need to understand the crucial role played by hormones. When it comes to body recomposition, hormones are a factor that are almost more important than diet. While what you eat will provide your body with the raw materials used to build muscle, it’s your hormone … Read more

The Top Foods for Stimulating IGF1 Release

IGF1 is thought by many to be a highly important chemical in ensuring the optimum gains in bodybuilding. Like growth hormone and testosterone it is implicated in the process of building bigger muscle and aiding weight loss to help you achieve the bodybuilding physique you’re possibly aiming for. Unfortunately though, it’s also important to bear … Read more

The Best Weight-Lifting Moves for Increasing Hormone Production

As a bodybuilder, you need to make sure that you are getting plenty of growth hormone in your body. This is crucial because growth hormone is the hormone that tells the body it needs to burn fat while at the same time building muscle. More growth hormone means more anabolism means more hypertrophy – it’s … Read more

How to Use ‘Micro Workouts’ to Keep HGH High Throughout the Day

These days it seems like everyone is busier than ever before. We’re constantly rushing from one urgent appointment to the next and rarely does it seem we ever have time to get anything done. On the worst days we’ll have to gobble down lunch because we don’t even have time to prepare anything nicer. Tuna … Read more

HGH Production and Your Age

Growth hormone production and age are closely linked and this is an important consideration to bear in mind for any bodybuilder thinking of trying to increase their production of the crucial pituitary hormone. Not only does growth hormone impact on your visible signs of ageing, but it also changes as you go through life. Here … Read more