10 Worst Anabol Side Effects in Men

While using steroids can be tempting, it’s incredibly important to think long and hard about the potential side effects before you make that decision. There is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’ when it comes to your biology and any substance that causes profound changes is also likely to have a lot of serious downsides and risks.

Anabol (Dianabol) is no exception. While this may be considered the ‘safest’ steroid on the market for beginners and the like, this does not make it ‘safe’ by any stretch of the imagination. This substance still affects your testosterone production in unnatural ways and it still needs to pass through the liver.


So before you decide to go ahead with this ‘mild’ steroid, consider these 10 serious side effects first…

1 Kidney damage

Kidney damage isn’t something you tend to associate with steroids and Anabol isn’t likely to pose a risk in this regard for most people. However, the substance does place some strain on the kidneys and if you have an existing complaint, it’s a very good idea to consult with your doctor first.

2 Acne

Like any steroid or substance that increases testosterone or DHT, Anabol can lead to increased sebum production and acne. On the face and the back!

3 Aggression

Increases in testosterone and DHT cause aggression. In fact, one recent study showed that testosterone could actually suppress activity in the areas of the brain associated with empathy and understanding! This can lead to fights and could even place a strain on your relationship.

4 Mood swings

If you think back to being a teenager, you probably weren’t just aggressive. You were probably also hormonal generally and would have felt sulky a lot of the time. Well, Anabol is like a trip down memory lane in that regard!

5 Insomnia

Many people find they experience hot flashes and can’t sleep when they use steroids. This can lead to further issues and even hamper hypertrophy (ironically).

6 Nausea

Anabol causes nausea and can make you feel sick. The same is true of most steroids and your mileage may vary.

7 Heart risks

Anabol may carry a small heart risk. It can lead to hypertrophy of the heart as well as increasing bad cholesterol.

8 Suppressed endogenous testosterone

One of the most concerning potential side effects of any steroid is that it can lower your natural testosterone production. If you use Anabol in low doses and follow it with PCT, then your chances are relatively low… but it’s still a consideration!

9 Impotence

Leading on from the last point, Anabol can also cause impotence as a result. This is no laughing matter – and when you find yourself unable to perform in the bedroom, you may just wish that you had never experimented with this dangerous drug!

10 Liver damage

Finally and most importantly, Anabol is liver toxic. Again, the toxicity here is relatively mild at smaller doses but it certainly is still something you need to consider seriously. You are taking your lives into your own hands when you make this decision.

How to Avoid these Side Effects?

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