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My Own Experiences As a Bodybuilder - Tanveer Quraishi

Hello friends,

I am Tanveer and let me introduce myself as someone who got into bodybuilding to gain weight.


Back in school, I was a scrawny kid. I was a top grader in my class but I remained thin and lean throughout my school life. Growing up in a joint family with 3 of my other siblings and cousins was a lot of fun but one thing that kind of always bothered me was my weight. I always tipped lighter on the scales.

By the time, I was in University I weight just 56 kgs and my waist was just 26 inches.

In my freshman year, I started getting interested in lifting weights and joined a gym in my neighborhood. However, I knew nothing about bodybuilding and spent most of the time on machines doing little exercise.

Months passed and there was no change in my body.

By the end of the first year, I bought a couple of plates, a bar and a set of dumbbells and I started working out at home. After my exams in the month of April, way back in 1995, I started putting in more and more time lifting weights and this is the time when I actually started gaining weight.

I hardly knew anything about supplements and I started eating almost everything. There was nothing such as good or bad diet and I all wanted was to gain more weight. Gradually, I started picking up weight and how!

Now, this was the time when I was free after my first-year exams and college was off for a couple of months. Within 2-3 months, I remember touching scales at 59-60 kgs. I felt on top of the world and was getting more and more involved with bodybuilding.

By the time, my college opened in July’95, I was looking much better with all that extra weight that I had gained.

One of the best moments came when a lot of my classmates didn’t recognize me on the first day of college. I could have easily passed off as someone else. A lot of them were surprised that I had gained so much weight within a few months and that I was looking good too.

This kind of boosted my confidence even more and I joined another gym in my locality.

Back in those days, there no Youtube. We did not even have internet and the only source of information was books by greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger etc. I bought a couple of books and started working out by looking at the images and reading texts.

It was not easy but I kept on gaining muscle. By the time, I hit 62 kgs on scales, I started taking better care of my diet by including more proteins and avoiding carbs and fats. The only problem was that in Indian households, we tend to eat a lot of carbs.

I changed a couple of gyms in the meanwhile, sticking to anyone for about 2-3 years and during this time period I learned a lot from various gym instructors, regarding various exercises, correct forms etc.

My progress was slow and steady and within a few years, I was tipping scales at 72 kgs. Believe it or not, this is the time, when I started taking whey protein. It was sometime in 2010. Before that, it was all natural and most of my diet constituted eggs, mutton, fish, chicken etc.

I still workout and weigh around 75 kgs. Interesting, I look at least a decade younger than most people my age (and this is what most of them say and acknowledge). I still workout and am in great shape. Over this time period, I have worked out with some great guys and have enough experience to help anyone train according to his goals, whether he wants to bulk up or cut down.

I would end here by saying there are no shortcuts in bodybuilding. A lot of people join gym thinking they would get massive muscles within a month a or two. There’s no magic happening here. If you want to gain muscle, you need to work your ass in the gym. Not just this, you need to eat right too. Supplements do help but only when you get exercise and diet right. A lot of guys these days get into steroids but let me tell you they are not safe.

Things have changed dramatically over the past few years and now you have a lot of natural, safe and effective supplements that can help you get amazing results in the gym without side effects.

This site is all about helping you find the right supplements along with some of the best workouts that can do in the gym or at home to continue building muscle, strength, and size.

So happy lifting!



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