Anapolon and its Benefits for Bodybuilding

Anapolon is also marketed as oxymetholone and Anadrol. This is a highly potent anabolic steroid and can greatly accelerate muscle gains and fat loss beyond normal levels.


Like all ‘shortcuts’ though, Anapolon also comes with some serious risks and side effects.

To find out more about how Anapolon works and how you can enjoy the benefits without the side effects, keep reading.

What is Anapolon?

Anapolon is a steroid with low affinity for androgen receptor binding. This means that it doesn’t work in the same way as many other anabolic steroids (like Trenbolone) and doesn’t directly increase testosterone in the blood.

Instead, Anadrol works by increasing protein synthesis. This means that more of the amino acids in your diet and in your blood will be used to build lean muscle mass during training and recovery. This is actually very important for hypertrophy and is the main reason we try to elevate testosterone in the first place! The way that Anadrol does this is by increasing the red blood cell count.

As you may realize, this can also have a number of other impressive effects that greatly benefit bodybuilders. Increased red blood cell count, for instance, can also lead to more energy during aerobic exercise (thus allowing for more fat burn) and provides the body with more nutrients. This also creates the feeling of more pump as blood and metabolites rush to the muscle and trigger growth.

This doesn’t only make Anadrol a very potent steroid in its own right but also ensures that it can stack very well with other steroids and substances. If you take Anapolon with something like Trenbolone for instance, then you will see increased testosterone leading to more opportunity for protein synthesis, while the Anapolon will ensure that said synthesis is able to occur efficiently. Together, these two processes can yield amazing results.

Side Effects and Risks

As mentioned though, all of these gains don’t come without a price. When using Anadrol, you will be placing a strain on the liver that can potentially eventually lead to fatal liver damage. This damage is even more pronounced if you opt for pills rather than injections.

While Anapolon doesn’t directly affect testosterone levels, it has been shown that using the substance can also lead to elevated levels, most likely through indirect means. This then means that you can still put yourself at risk of symptoms associated with high T, such as male pattern baldness, acne, insomnia, and aggression. There’s also some risk of gynecomastia and of course, all these symptoms are much worse if you’re also stacking with other steroids.


Fortunately, alternative options do exist. Anadrole from Crazy Bulk is the most sought-after alternative for steroid Anapolon or Anadrol. It’s 100% legal in the US and is manufactured in an FDA approved lab. It can help you gain muscle very quickly without any of the side effects associated with the actual steroid.