A Complete Guide to Dianabol – Usage, Benefits, Side Effects, Alternatives


Dianabol is one of the most popular steroids available on the market today, largely due to the fact that it can be taken orally and has significant and noticeable effects on muscular development and weight loss.

Dianabol is also referred to as Dbol and Diana and is actually a brand name for the substance ‘methandrostenolone’. The substance isn’t produced by medical companies anymore but is available in many underground labs.

Normally, Dianabol is available in the form of 5mg, 10mg and 50mg tablets. Another advantage it has over some other types of steroids is that it is relatively cheap compared to various other options.


Mechanisms of Action

Methandrostenolone works to increase testosterone in the body by binding to the androgen receptors. This then creates a situation where the amount of free testosterone in the blood increases. This in turn leads to increased protein synthesis (meaning your body makes better use of the protein you eat to make muscle), increased muscle mass, accelerated fat burning and more energy and drive in the gym. Users also experience faster recovery after workouts, reducing the chances of overtraining.

Dianabol is a particularly potent steroid and results in more obvious effects than some others. There is some confusion as to whether it is as strong as Anadrol and some bodybuilders claim the latter is more powerful. This isn’t actually correct – rather it’s simply that most people use Anadrol in higher doses as compared with Dianabol, resulting in more drastic results.

Side Effects and Risks

While Dianabol results in pronounced benefits, it’s worth noting that with these enhanced effects come enhanced side effects.

Side effects of Dianabol include all the effects of increased testosterone, which include acne, hair loss, mood disorders (roid rage) and other physiological changes. If the testosterone is metabolized into estrogen, this can also lead to gynecomastia – resulting in the formation of male breasts. Gynecomastia can occur quickly and on relatively low doses, even when compared with other steroids.

If you have never used steroids before, you might be wondering what ‘roid rage’ actually feels like. Do you get more drive? More motivation? More alpha aggression? The reality is no: in most cases you will instead feel more similar to the way you did when you were in highschool – stroppy, easily upset and prone to mood swings. Some users say that roid rage results in a simple ‘exaggeration’ of their current moods and this is a good description of what it feels like. It’s not a positive thing.

At the same time, Dianabol also carries a number of other risks. Chief among these is the risk of liver damage which significantly increases with oral use. Heart problems are also a common complication of long-term steroid use and can result in hypertrophy of the heart eventually leading to potential heart attack and death. There is a correlation between steroid use and increased chance of death.

Finally, using a steroid like Dianabol that increases testosterone levels means that your body may adapt by producing less testosterone naturally. This is why many users will actually experience low T following a cycle and this can sometimes lead to impotence and require HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

Who is Dianabol For?

With all those risks in mind, why do people still choose Dianabol? Basically it comes down to a desire to see results. Users on Dianabol will likely see rapid muscle gains and because the substance can be taken orally and is readily available, it provides a relatively easy ‘way in’ for getting started.

Dianabol is sometimes called ‘The Breakfast of Champions’ due to its pronounced muscle building effects. While it might be true that it provides real muscle gains, it’s very important that you weigh this against the risks – particularly bearing in mind how easy it is to obtain and use.


Potency and Dosage

So if you were looking to start a cycle of Dianabol despite these risks, how much would you use?

For beginners, it is definitely advisable to start on a low dosage. Many people starting out will begin with a dosage as low as 10mg a day and this is generally enough to improve protein synthesis and recovery with relatively low risk. For those looking for the more pronounced anabolic effects (rapid muscle growth), a higher dosage of around 20-25mg may be suitable.

Of course, we’ve seen that Dianabol comes in 50mg pills and if you are very experienced and perhaps a professional competitor, this could be considered an ‘upper limit’. Benefits start to taper off once you go past 60-70mg a day and at this point, the side effects become a serious risk.

You can, of course, see greater results with a lower dose if you also stack with other substances such as Nandrolone or testosterone. This way you increase your free testosterone directly (through the testosterone) and indirectly by blocking the receptors. Dianabol can also be stacked with injectable steroids such as Oxandrolone and this can reduce the stress on the liver (injectables place less strain on the liver but of course come with their own complications associated with syringe use). There is some evidence that using progesterone – the female oral contraceptive pill – may help to reduce the risk of gynecomastia.

Dianabol has a short half-life meaning it wears off quickly. It is normally taken three to four times a day with meals. Some advanced users, however, use the entire dose at once prior to workouts, which is said to result in an energy boost. This isn’t recommended.

Post cycle therapy is a stack designed to mitigate the effects of coming off of a steroid cycle. This can help to prevent a dip in testosterone and increase in estrogen. Common elements include aromatase inhibitors and hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin), though it is important to use these carefully too. When coming off of a Dianabol cycle, PCT is recommended.



This article should have given you a good overview of how Dianabol works and how you might begin to create your own stack around it. However, it should also have highlighted the significant and multiple potential risks and dangers.

Fortunately, there is a safe alternative to Dianabol which is ‘D-Bal’.

D-Bal from Crazy Bulk, which is designed specifically to mimic the effects of Dianabol. Unlike Dianabol though, it does this by increasing the amount of testosterone your body produces naturally. This, in turn, results in all the positive effects with none of the side effects. It’s completely safe to use, not toxic to the liver and very reasonably priced.