Anavar for Women – The Pros and Cons

Deciding whether or not to use steroids is a difficult choice for any athlete. For women though, it’s more complicated still and there are numerous additional factors to consider, including a whole slew of unique side effects and risks.

For women who are considering steroids though, one of the most popular options and one of the options considered the safest is Anavar. In this article we will look at how Anavar affects women and whether or not it is a good idea to consider using it for your own performance enhancement.

What is Anavar?

Anavar is a potent steroid used to help build muscle and burn fat, along with providing a number of other benefits. This makes Anavar an obvious fit for bodybuilders and other figure athletes, as it helps to encourage the appearance of highly defined muscle.

Anavar accomplishes all this thanks to a component called dehydropiandrosterone. This is a substance made from DHT – dihydrotestosterone. DHT is a derivative of testosterone and is actually more potent in many ways at exerting its transformative effects on the body.

The form of Anavar used by women most commonly is actually slightly different from the version used by men however. This is called ‘Oxandrolone’ and is slightly less potent – and therefore less dangerous – when compared with other similar chemicals.

What’s interesting about Anavar and Oxandrolone for women, is that it works differently from a range of other steroids. That is to say that it does not bind to the androgen receptors and thereby does not completely alter the body’s own testosterone production. Oxandrolone works almost like a testosterone injection, except it is a molecule similar to DHT being injected.canstockphoto20439372


The Pros

Positive Effects

Like any other anabolic steroid, the main reason that women will use Oxandrolone is to encourage the production of muscle and to burn away fat. Anavar does this very effectively and will also increase aggression, energy and recovery. As the ‘male’ hormone and an anabolic hormone, all hormones related to testosterone encourage the body to build muscle and tissue from protein and amino acids in the diet and to burn fat to provide the energy for this process. This puts you in what is called an ‘anabolic state’.

When using Anavar or Oxandrolone, women will notice themselves building more muscle tissue more quickly, recovering faster from injuries and heavy workouts and having more energy and drive to attack the gym. They will also be able to eat more calories while enjoying a more ripped appearance.

In many ways, this can help to ‘close the gap’ between male and female competitors in terms of gains and maximum muscle mass, though not entirely.

That said, it is of course still necessary to put in a lot of work in the gym. No steroid is a ‘silver bullet’ and you still need to do the time to see the rewards. Anavar is no different and in fact this is especially true for women owing to the relatively mild nature of Oxandrolone.


Dehydropiandrosterone also does not ‘aromatize’ meaning that it does not get converted into oestrogen. For men this is positive as it means they won’t be likely to develop gynecomastia. For women this is also a positive thing: women have enough oestrogen and certainly don’t need more if they’re trying to maximize their gains.

Likewise, the additional side effects of Anavar for women are also smaller than they are with a number of other steroids. For instance, women are less likely to notice some of the masculinization effects associated with other anabolic steroids – they are less likely to develop acne, aggression, or enlargement of the clitoris for instance.

Finally, Anavar is also less damaging for the liver than many alternatives. Despite being a 17-alpha alkyloid, liver toxicity is very low and daily doses of 20mg or less have been found to have no significant impact on the liver enzymes.

The Cons

canstockphoto16054715So does this mean that Anavar and Oxandrolone are safe for women and an effective way to build more muscle?

Unfortunately not. While it’s true that Anavar for women is safer than many other steroids, it’s crucial to remember that this is all relative. A safe steroid is still not ‘safe’.

In fact, the main reason that Anavar is generally considered one of the safer steroids for women is simply that it is taken in smaller doses. Of course, this also follows that the effects will be less noticeable. Compared with other steroids, you can expect the benefits to be much more minimal.

What’s more, the side effects are still there. While natural production of testosterone isn’t immediately impacted, use over an extended period will lead to a reduction in luteinizing hormone potentially introducing the need for hormone replacement therapy.

Likewise, oily skin, hot flushes, acne and some masculinization can also be expected. Liver toxicity also becomes an issue at higher doses.

Other risks include life-threatening peliosis hepatitis, cardiovascular edema, heart failure and several others. While these won’t affect the majority of users, they represent a real risk and should be considered when weighing up the pros and cons.

And of course, like any steroid, Oxandrolone is an illegal substance that is banned by most sports organizations. This means you would have to buy from an unregulated source and could face being banned from your sport, fined or ostracized.

When considering any steroid, you also have to think of the practical implications for your lifestyle. And seeing as you’re unlikely to want to go back to your previous performance, the question you always need to ask is: if you start, will you be able to sustain use indefinitely?

Safe Alternatives

Fortunately, there are much safer alternatives to Anavar for women. One of these is the supplement Anvarol from Crazy Bulk. This is a natural supplement that contains a range of nutrients, extracts and other ingredients designed to naturally stimulate the body to produce more DHT. On their own, each of these ingredients have been shown to have reliable effects but here they have been combined into a single synergistic formula that is incredibly potent while being legal and safe.

User Reviews:

Anvarol from Crazy Bulk has been getting great reviews from women users. Here are some of such reviews:

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Why Do I Recommend Anvarol?

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