Can You Use Steroids to Lose Weight and Get Cut?

Think of steroids and you might think of someone like Ronnie Coleman or Jay Cutler. These are huge guys who are absolutely covered in muscle and with calves bigger than most of our heads! This is what we think of when we imagine steroid use and as such, they are somewhat associated with bulking, strength and growth.

Actually though, take another look at one of these bodybuilders and what’s also on show is just how lean they are. These guys have incredibly low body fat percentages which is all the more incredibly when you consider how huge they’ve gotten. The last time you tried to bulk, no doubt you gave yourself a gut at the same time. Imagine getting this big and still not gaining any fat!

As you can see then, steroids are also very potent when it comes to fat loss and for some people, this is actually their most appealing aspect. Many celebrities and models use steroids for this purpose predominantly and this is how they manage to get that incredibly cut, superhuman look.

How They Work

So how does this work?

It actually all depends on what precisely the athlete is using. One thing that some people don’t realize, is that raising testosterone also enhances fat burning. This is partly because the body needs to burn fat for energy when it is building muscle but it’s also because testosterone reduces the amount of fat that the body stores. Testosterone is what is largely responsible for the differences between men and women and this is why men have less fat stored around their body than women (as a rule).

At the same time though, many steroids have secondary effects that further enhance fat loss. For example, some steroids (such as Anadrol) will increase the amount of red blood cells in the body. These red blood cells are what are responsible for carrying oxygen around the body and as such, they can increase aerobic efficiency. In other words, you burn more fat going around your business while also benefiting from heightened protein synthesis.

Other substances like Clenbuterol are not technically steroids but are often used alongside steroids. Clenbuterol works by increasing the amount of oxygen we can breathe in but also as a stimulant that increases the metabolism and burns more energy.

Many steroids also increase the amount of energy that you have in the gym, as well as your recovery. This allows you to train much harder, burning many more calories as you do.

How to Stay Safe

Unfortunately though, using steroids is not the answer if you want to get ripped and cut. Steroids place an enormous strain on the body and this is even more true when your aim is weight loss as this can put the heart at risk.

Fortunately, there are other supplements out there that work similarly to steroids in terms of their effects but without any of the risks or side effects. These can help to naturally increase testosterone by supplying the right nutrition and herbs and have been shown to be very effective too. Look up ‘Crazy Mass’ to learn more.

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