Four Diet Myths That Need to Die!

Everyone has an opinion on fitness, diet and nutrition and this is even more true on the web. Go to any fitness, bodybuilding or weightlifting blog and you’ll find scores of people weighing in with different opinions on what the best way to eat is if you want to lose weight, or if you want … Read more

Why Saturated Fats Are Good for Your HGH Levels

Conventional wisdom has long been telling us that saturated fats are no good for us. The word ‘fat’ of course comes with negative connotations and saturated fats are also known to be high in calories. Add in a link with high cholesterol and you have a few very good reasons to avoid putting saturated fat … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Protein Shakes

Even non-bodybuilders understand what an important role protein shake has in building muscle. One of the questions that bodybuilders will hear most regularly is ‘if I use protein shake and don’t workout… will I still get into good shape?’. Well that’s one of the questions anyway; the other one you hear is ‘should you really … Read more

How to Get Ripped

Bulking up is the easy part for bodybuilders. Basically it involves eating large amounts of protein, lifting heavy weights for high numbers of repetitions and sleeping all the time. Ask around and you’ll find that these are pretty much all the things that bodybuilders love: meat, lifting and sleep. You can even eat cake when … Read more