How Tribulus Terrestris Works for Enhancing Testosterone

Tribulus terrestris is an innocuous enough flowering plant found in a number of tropical regions around the world. As with many herbal remedies, it has a long history of use for a number of different benefits and treatments.

Today though, one of the chief uses of tribulus is as a testosterone booster and is used largely by bodybuilders and other athletes. As testosterone is the single most crucial muscle-building hormone in the human body, this makes it a highly valuable supplement that could potentially be used as a much safer alternative to anabolic steroids. But does it work?

How Tribulus Terrestris Works

Tribulus-TerrestrisWith any new supplement, the first question you should ask yourself is how it is purported to work. In this case, how does a small plant help you to produce more male sex hormone?

Actually, tribulus terrestris works in an indirect manner – not by directly stimulating testosterone production, but rather by increasing levels of luteinizing hormone also known as Lh. This is a hormone secreted by the pituitary glands that tells the body to produce extra testosterone. This then in turn leads to all of the benefits that you expect from elevated testosterone such as improved performance during workouts, better recover post-training, increased hypertrophy and accelerated fat burning. All good stuff.

Side Effects

What this also means, is that tribulus terrestris doesn’t give you any of the side-effects that are associated with using anabolic steroids to the same effect.

When you use steroids you see, you are artificially adding synthetic testosterone into your system which the body responds to by switching off its own testosterone production. This is why you can end up suffering with impotence or even growing female breasts as you actually end up with less testosterone in your system. In extreme cases, testosterone injections can actually lead to patients becoming permanently dependent on the interventions just to maintain normal levels of male hormone.

In the case of Tribulus Terrestris however, you will be instructing your body to produce more testosterone itself naturally and as such you won’t see those imbalances – it’s a much safer, more gradual and more mild way to stimulate extra production.

The only side effects you’re likely to encounter with TT are mild stomach pains. These are uncommon though, and if they do occur they can be avoided by taking the supplement with food as with many supplements.

The Research

That’s all very good and well on paper but what does the research say?

As with many supplements there are studies both supporting and contradicting the benefits Tribulus Terrestris, but there’s enough evidence out there to make this relatively cheap supplement worth taking.

In one study looking at the effects of the supplement on rats for instance demonstrated statistically significant increases in testosterone as well as dihydrotestosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone. The study has been replicated with rabbits and primates, and in another study the active agent ‘protodioscin’ (the bit that makes tribulus work) was found to increase mounting behavior in mice.

It’s also worth noting that many noted bodybuilders have given testimony to the beneficial effects of tribulus. It was first made popular in fact by the American IFBB champion ‘Jeffrey Petermann’ back in the 70s. Some bodybuilders actually use tribulus terrestris when using steroids when they cycle off of anabolic drugs – the idea being that they can use tribulus terrestris in order to get their natural hormone levels back to normal. While this isn’t a good idea as the side effects of steroids can be very pronounced, this does demonstrate just how much faith bodybuilders and pro athletes are willing to put into this little plant.

Other Benefits

Also known as ‘puncture vine’, tribulus terrestris may also have a number of other benefits which make it even more tempting as a supplement to add to your stack. For one, some studies suggest it may be useful when used to prevent infections. It’s also potentially useful for treating gonorrhoea, kidney stones, psoriasis and blood pressure. You should definitely check with your doctor before trying to treat any of these conditions yourself, but as a nice freebie these things certainly don’t hurt. And as a testosterone booster it also has a history of being used as an aphrodisiac!

Testosterone Supplements

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