Masteron Cycle for Muscle Gain

If you’re interested in bulking up and adding more muscle, then you may have considered using anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are – as the name suggests – steroids that increase the body’s anabolism, or propensity for healing and repairing tissue.

While any steroid will help you to build new muscle tissue and increase your mass and strength, some are more geared toward size and mass than others (whereas others are better used as part of a cutting stack). One of the most effective steroids for building muscle – as well as one of the newest – is something called Masteron.

What is Masteron?

Also known as Drostanolone Proprionate, Masteron is an ‘unalkylated steroid’ and has a number of interesting benefits when compared to other drugs of a similar nature. Masteron poses no liver toxicity for instance, which is one of the most dangerous of all the risks associated with other anabolic steroids.

Not only that, but Masteron does not convert to DHT and does not aromatize. This means that it won’t be converted into estrogen, in turn meaning that it won’t cause the body to store excess water weight and fat tissue. Not only that, but it is actually anti estrogenic.

This is all very impressive when considered together. It means that you have a steroid that is particularly effective when it comes to adding bulk and mass but that won’t lead to additional weight gain as some others. It’s just pure muscle.

So why haven’t you heard of it? Well actually, as it only became available in the 70s, it used to be quite hard to get hold of (and therefore expensive). However, this is no-longer the case and it is now considerably easier to find.

The Downsides

So, what… this is a perfect steroid? Of course not. If it was, then it would be legal to take, and you can bet that literally everyone would already be using it!

The problem, of course, comes down to the downsides. Of which there are still an awful lot.

For starters, this will still cause the same side effects as any steroid that elevates testosterone. That means a ‘second puberty’ as you enjoy acne, backne, mood swings, insomnia and more. Then there’s the potential hair loss.

But most serious of all is the risk of the body adapting to those levels of testosterone. And the way that the body adapts to this is by reducing its natural production of T in order to bring them back down to normal. This is why using steroids such as Masteron can potentially lead to impotence and eventually leave the user dependent on permanent HRT injections.

The Solution

So, while Masteron is promising in many regards, it still certainly isn’t safe or advisable. And that’s why the best advice is to use something else entirely. For instance, the Bulking Stack from Crazy Bulk is a highly effective bulking agent that supports muscle growth and increased testosterone through only natural and safe ingredients. This is a much better way to increase strength and muscle mass, without risking your health.

Bulking Stack from Crazy Bulk with 100% Legal Dianabol, Deca, Trenbolone & Sustanon

Bulking Stack from Crazy Bulk is a stack that consists of D-Bal (Dianabol alternative), Decaduro (Deca Durabolin alternative), Trenorol (Trenbolone alternative) and Testo Max (Sustanon).

It’s a perfect choice for a bulking cycle and can help you get excellent results in just an 8-week cycle. I have been recommending this stack to all my clients who want to gain muscle and strength and the reviews are simply amazing.


  • is great for a bulking cycle
  • increases both protein synthesis and nitrogen retention
  • ensures huge muscle and strength gains
  • helps get over plateaus easily
  • increases joint strength by enhancing collagen synthesis
  • helps you get explosive pumps
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Any supplement is likely to have its pros and cons. Even though Bulking Stack is safe and free of side effects, you must not have it if you have a medical condition. Pregnant and nursing women should also not have it. You must also not use it if you are below 18 years of age.

Actual User Feedback:

One of the strongest points that go in favor of the Bulking Stack is that it has been getting incredible user feedback and user reviews. Here are some authentic before and after pics to help you get a clear idea of what it can do for your body when you use it along with a proper exercise routine and diet: