Roid X Juice Mass Gainer Review

Are You Looking for a Powerful Muscle Gainer that Can help You Increase Lean, Hard and Dry Muscle Quickly?

Roid X Juice is a 100% Legal Steroid that’s a Powerful Anabolic and Can Help You Gain Lean Muscle without Nasty Side Effects.

Roid X JuiceRoid X Juice from

  • is a powerful anabolic that’s 100% legal
  • helps gain lean muscle
  • increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention
  • increases strength for explosive workouts
  • speeds up recovery so that you can train harder
  • increases testosterone
  • is suitable for bulking
  • has no negative side effects
  • has been getting incredibly positive reviews from bodybuilders
  • comes with a complete money back guarantee

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What is Roid X Juice and How Does it Work?

If you are looking for a powerful muscle gainer, then Roid X Juice is the best choice for you. It is a 100% legal steroid that works without negative or nasty side effects. It is perfect for bulking and has been getting excellent user reviews.

It is suitable only for men and increases testosterone in your body. It has been developed with input from IFBB professional bodybuilders, like other products from

Roidx Juice 1It contains ingredients like:

  • dehydroepiandrosterone of DHEA
  • tribulus terrestris or Puncture vine
  • shilahit
  • vitamin E
  • proprietary blend etc.

It not only increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in the body but also speeds up recovery. It cuts short the recovery period so that you can train even harder.

It boosts strength too so that you can enjoy explosive workouts.


User Reviews:

Roid X Juice has been getting excellent reviews from bodybuilders. Here are some of them:


Pete is really excited with the results that he has been getting. This is what he says…

I NEVER write reviews on any supplement site! But… I got a 3 month supply of this and D-bol. Im on my 3rd day of taking 1 roid x a day and 3 dbol a day. I workout 5 days on and 2 days off. just got home from the gym and i am blown away. went up 20lbs on my bench today where i couldnt even budge it last week. was stuck on 205 for ever. did 3 reps of 225 today! so yes IT WORKS!!!!


Another bodybuilders goes on to say…..

This is a powerful pill. I’ve used this supplement for over a year and feel great – i workoout daily and am in the best shape of my life.


Yet another bodybuilder has been able to stack 20 pounds of lean and hard muscle with Roid X Juice. Here is what he says…

Been taking one of these per day for 3 months and I’ve gained 20 pounds of solid mass!

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  • 100% legal
  • taken orally, no injections required
  • not toxic to liver or kidneys
  • a powerful muscle gainer
  • increases lean muscle
  • increases strength
  • speeds up recovery
  • does not show up on a urinalysis test
  • excellent user reviews
  • no known side effects
  • for men only
  • reasonably priced with good discount offers
  • complete money back guarantee for 90 days



Roid X Juice is a top-notch muscle gainer from Like other supplements from, it has been developed with input from IFBB professionals. It has no side effects. Even after looking for some time, I could not find anything negative about it.


Price and Best Offers:

Though you can buy a month supply for $49.00, I would recommend that you try one of the best offers for better results and a greater discount. Here are some of the best offers:

  • BEST SELLER – BUY 4 GET 2 FREE for just $196.00. This offer saves you a whopping $98. Click Here to Order NOW!
  • BUY 2 GET 1 FREE for just $98.00
  • Stack – The Most Powerful Weight Builder Stack comes with Roid X Juice, Dbol-GH, Ana-GH and HGF MAXfor $300. Click Here to Order NOW


Roid X Juice comes with a 90 days money back guarantee so that your purchase is absolutely risk-free. It comes with FREE SHIPPING in the US.

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