Steroid Injection Sites – Quad, Shoulder and Thigh Comparison

When using different steroids, there are different ways to take the drugs. Some athletes will choose to use oral steroids in order to avoid the painful process of injecting themselves (and the paraphernalia and risks that come with that). Others will opt to inject in order to reduce the amount of liver toxicity and to get the very best benefits from their expensive drugs.

However, even once you’ve decided to inject, you then have another thing to consider: where and how you’re going to inject.


Steroids are simply a lot more complicated than a lot of people realize before they get into them. It’s not just a matter of choosing one and gulping it down! This is all before we’ve even discussed post cycle therapy or creating stacks and cycles…

Where to Inject

When it comes to the majority of steroids, there are three popular places to inject: the quad, shoulder and thigh. Part of the reason for this is that your aim is not to inject straight into the vein – which is what you might do with insulin for instance – but rather to inject into the muscles themselves.

In most cases, you aren’t aiming to inject directly into the muscles you want to build (though this is a strategy with some steroids).

Another objective is to try and reduce the amount of soreness, pain and scarring. If you get the wrong spot, you can make yourself quite sore which is of course not conducive to good workouts! Likewise, as injections can leave small red marks, you probably want to avoid injecting anywhere that’s going to be very visible. Another point is that steroid oil can sometimes leak out of the muscle tissue creating a small amount of swelling.

This is why the quad, shoulder and thighs are popular spots. By injecting in these areas, you can avoid soreness and also reduce the aesthetic concerns as you won’t be showing the areas off a lot.

Choosing Your Spot

When it comes to which of these spots to use, that’s going to be entirely up to you. Each spot is just as effective but some people will find certain areas more painful and more difficult than others. You also have to think of the practicality of how you can reach an area like your shoulder. Try each spot and see what works for you.

Some people also consider injecting straight into their glutes. This is a good option in terms of aesthetics but can be painful to sit on if you get it wrong. Another reason not to inject here, is that there is a fair amount of fat stored in the buttocks and that means you may have to inject quite deeply to reach the muscle – making life harder.

Injecting can be painful and off putting for some people and it involves a lot of paraphernalia. If you want to keep your use of gear on the down-low, this can make life quite challenging. For all those reasons, it’s much safer and easier to use an alternative to steroids such as Crazy Bulk supplements. Why put yourself through this?

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