Steroids for Beginners Guide – Best Bodybuilding Cycles

If you’re thinking of using steroids for the first time, then hopefully you’ve considered all the pros and cons very carefully. It’s not up to me to lecture you on why you shouldn’t use steroids but just ensure that you are fully informed before you decide to go ahead.

One thing you may not have considered is the existence of alternative options. Using supplements from Crazy Bulk for instance, it’s actually possible to get results very similar to those you’d get from steroids – and these supplements are completely safe and entirely legal.

Still planning on going ahead? Then let’s take a look at what the best way to get started is.



How to Use Steroids as a Beginner

When starting out, there’s a good chance that you’re considering using whichever steroid has first been introduced to you. And that means you’re probably thinking of using something like Dbol or Decca, owing to just how widely available they are.

This isn’t necessarily the best way to go ahead however. Different steroids come with different risks and side effects and you should probably choose the option that is best suited to your goals and that has the best ‘risk/reward’ ratio.

For instance, steroids like Decca that convert to DHT don’t carry quite the same risks in terms of gynecomastia etc. But this is not to say that they are safe and that they will be the best choice for you. It may even be that you would rather use something other than a steroid – such as Clenbuterol which will help you get quickly ripped.

Do your research and make sure that you select the steroid you want and don’t just take the first one that comes to you!

Cycles and Stacks

When starting out, you should always take a cautious and measured approach as first. If you’re going to be using Dianabol for instance, you’ll find that some bodybuilders will use only 20mg or less, while others will go far beyond – as far as 50mg+. You should definitely start with a lower amount and then only gradually increase your dosage over time.

Do your research though – you’ll want a bigger dosage if you’re using Winstrol for example, in which case starting with 40mg or 50mg is more common.

Your ‘cycle’ refers to how long you’ll use the steroid before stopping. You don’t keep using steroids indefinitely but rather switch between the steroids and a ‘PCT’ or ‘Post Cycle Therapy’ to prevent permanently damaging your natural testosterone levels.

A typical cycle would last about five weeks for a beginner, followed by three weeks of PCT. You can then cycle back on or take some more time off.

A stack meanwhile refers to how many steroids you are going to be using together. For instance, you might opt to combine something like testosterone enanthate with Dianabol. It’s recommended that as a beginner, you only use one steroid at once or two at the absolute minimum. Apart from anything else, this will allow you to measure the effects of individual substances.

Finally, there are many more decisions to be made such as whether you plan to administer the steroids orally or via injections.

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