The Anadrol Cycle for Bodybuilders

Anadrol is one of the most powerful oral steroids. It was first developed as treatment for anemia, until it was replaced by other medications which did not cause side effects as severe as those caused by Anadrol. It was also used as a way to treat the muscle wasting symptoms triggered by certain diseases.

Because of its strength and the fact that it doesn’t require the use of injections, going into an Anadrol cycle has become quite popular in the bodybuilding community.

canstockphoto19817780Using Anadrol

For the most part, Anadrol is used for bulking, but in some cases it is used during the later stages of the cutting cycle as well. It is almost always used in a stack, usually with testosterone and Deca.

Generally speaking, most bodybuilders use the Anadrol cycle for bulking. Anadrol is so powerful as a bulking agent that you can gain 20 to 30 pounds in a matter of weeks. It enhances nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, which ensures that you have the protein you need to turn into hard muscle.

It boosts your red blood cell production so that the much needed oxygen can be distributed to your muscles. It also improves your strength and stamina, which can improve the intensity and length of your workouts.

Because of its low androgen binding properties, it is also ideal to use it in a stack, since other steroids can fill in this role.

The Side Effects

The powerful muscle building benefits of steroids, however, is matched by its propensity to damage your liver. You have to monitor your use, and any symptom of liver damage should be reported to a doctor immediately. It can cause high blood pressure as well. Furthermore, it may cause nausea and vomiting, along with stomach pain.

For those who want to build muscle to look good, keep in mind that some of Anadrol’s side effects are really counterproductive. It can give you a really bad case of acne, and it can accelerate hair loss too. Water retention is very common, and if you are a man you may develop large breasts as well.

Alternatives to Anadrol

Some bodybuilders may balk at the side effects of Anadrol, while others may refuse to use it because it is not exactly legal. But there is no reason not to enjoy the benefits of Anadrol, because modern technology has made great strides in producing more viable alternatives.

The most well-known alternative is the popular A-Anolone from Crazy Mass. Known as A-Anolone, it is based on the steroid and as such provides every benefit you can get from the original. With it, you can expect huge gains of up to 20 pounds of lean muscle in your cycle.

Unlike Anadrol, it does not come with any side effects. It is completely safe, so much so that you can buy it without a doctor’s prescription. It is also totally legal. For those who participate in organized competitions where steroids are banned, you can take Anadrol without any worries at all.


For best results, you just need to take the tablet twice a day (even on non-workout days) with your meals. For workout days, it’s best to take it about 30-45 minutes before you start your workout. Take it for two months, and then take 10 days off. You’ll get the muscle you want in no time.

A-Anolone from Crazy Mass:

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