Are Steroids Safe if Used Correctly in Small Doses?

A lot of people find themselves constantly on the fence when it comes to steroid use. In fact, this is how most prolific users will have started off at some point!

You find yourself looking at the pros and cons of steroid use and weighing them up against each other in your mind. On the one hand, you could be much bigger and stronger than you are now, which would likely make you very happy and at the same time give you a leg up in your career.

On the other hand though, using steroids carries with it a lot of health risks. Just how serious those risks are depends on who you ask but either way – you won’t know until you try them and that in itself makes them very dangerous!

At some point though, for some people, the curiosity and the potential benefits eventually outweigh the risks. The decision is normally made them with an impulsive momentary lapse in judgement, at which point you think ‘I’ll just try something small’.

And this is how a lot of us convince ourselves to bite the bullet and try: we think that if we start with a small dose of something relatively mild, we won’t be putting ourselves at risk. Is this how it works?

Just a Little Bit of Steroids…

If you hear that some people have liver problems when they use 200mg of a given substance, then you might think that you can use 20mg and enjoy just a little bit of the benefits without the side effects.

Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases that just isn’t true.

It is true that taking a smaller dosage will place less strain on your liver. But actually if you want to place the minimal strain on your liver then you’re going to have to inject yourself – which carries its own risks and is rather off-putting for a lot of people.

But what you need to remember here is that liver damage is far from the only concern. What’s just as worrying is the damage that steroids can do to your testosterone levels, the hair loss, the aggression and the acne.

And unfortunately, even a tiny dose of steroids will drastically increase your testosterone levels to the point where you can expect a lot of negatives. These include serious things like impotence and the possible need for hormone replacement therapy for the rest of your life.

But maybe you try and avoid a steroid that works on testosterone? Maybe you go for something entirely different like growth hormone, or like Clenbuterol. Both of these though come with their own serious risks – heart problems being chief among them.

Even prohormones carry some of the same risks as regular steroids!

The unfortunate reality is that there is no ‘safe’ way to take steroids and if there was, then a) they wouldn’t be illegal and b) everyone would be taking them.

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