Before After Body Transformation

It’s not uncommon for people to undergo massive body transformation with their hard work, diet control and of course, good bodybuilding supplements. There are people who have been able to bulk up or get shredded with their sheer determination to transform and sculpt their bodies.

This page is dedicated to all such people who are a great inspiration for thousands of others.

Richard – Muscle Gain and Better Muscle Definition

Product Used – D-Bal from Crazy Bulk

Richard had been working out for quite some time in order to gain size and improve his muscle definition without making much headway. This is when he found D-Bal from Crazy Bulk and things started improving with almost every routine that he did in the gym.

The before and after pics span just a little over two months and show massive improvement in his muscle definition. He not only gained muscle mass but also cut down his body fat from 18% to 15% with not much changes in his diet.

In his own words…

“I took D-Bal for two months with noticeable change in muscle size and definition. My body fat went from 18% to 15%. I’m able to lift longer and heavier.

So far so good. I’ve seen a major change in definition which is what I was looking for.”


Jules – Increase In Muscle Size, Reduced Body Fat

Jules is another guy who is greatly impressed with the results that he got with D-Bal from Crazy Bulk. He suffered an injury and could not work out for 6 weeks straight resulting in loss of muscle mass and form. Since he wanted to make a quick comeback he was looking for a supplement that was safe, effective and proven to get him great results in the gym. He decided to go for D-Bal and he’s really glad that he took that step.

Product Used – D-Bal from Crazy Bulk

In his own words….

“I had an injury at work which meant I couldn’t train for 6+ weeks, losing most of the gains I had made through the year, the injury eventually got better and I could start training again but I wanted a quick head start to bump me back to where I was. I started using D-bal that was easy enough to order online and noticed some serious strength increase in the first week, I kept on with them for 4 weeks taking 3 a day and felt like my body didn’t need to rest so much, I got great results and even looking leaner than before I had my injury.”


D-Bal has helped Jules:

  • recover faster from injury
  • increase muscle size
  • reduce body fat
  • improve strength and recovery
  • leaner body