Before After Body Transformation

It’s not uncommon for people to undergo massive body transformation with their hard work, diet control and of course, good bodybuilding supplements. There are people who have been able to bulk up or get shredded with their sheer determination to transform and sculpt their bodies. This page is dedicated to all such people who are … Read more

The Best Exercises for Bulking Quickly

Are you looking to gain size quickly? Not fussed about improving your ‘functional mobility’ or any of that nonsense? In that case, the type of exercises you use are going to be particularly important and have a big impact on just how quickly and efficiently you see the results that you want. But you might … Read more

Bulk Clean or Bulk Dirty – Which is Better?

When you decide it’s time to add some serious mass with a bulk, you have two options regarding how you want to go about it. One is to do a ‘clean bulk’. This is a bulk that involves eating little fat, staying away from simple carbs and basically eating clean. You gain mass by eating … Read more

Why Bulking is a Smart Way to Boost Testosterone

Many of us will try to raise testosterone in order to help us bulk. But did you know that this is actually a two-way street? The great news is that bulking also increases our testosterone in itself! And this is useful information for anyone who wants to gain lean mass, to feel more energetic and … Read more

The Top 5 Bulking Mistakes

Bulking is a great way to add mass quickly and is still the best strategy for competitive bodybuilders looking to increase their muscle mass quickly. Unfortunately though, a lot of people don’t know how to go about bulking in the right way and end up making costly mistakes. Here are five of the biggest ones … Read more

The Importance of Sleep for Mass

About one year after I left university, I moved in with my best mate and ran my business from a nice 2 bedroom flat by the beach. My ‘business’ involved nothing but copywriting a few thousand words a day at the time, which meant that my daily schedule involved waking up whenever I liked, heading … Read more

Top Rare Equipment to Look for in the Gym

When choosing which gym to join you will likely be swayed by a number of factors including the price and the location. I maintain that the location of the gym is the single most important consideration, as this will have the biggest impact on how often you end up going. But another very key consideration … Read more

Top Hormones That Bodybuilders Should Know About

Your hormones are absolutely crucial when it comes to building muscle and burning fat. If you’re a bodybuilder, then understanding how hormones work in the body and how they can be manipulated is perhaps the most crucial lesson you can take and is something that everyone should spend some time looking into. Now of course … Read more

The Top Mistakes People Make When Bulking

Everyone on the web it seems is obsessed with losing weight. It’s all some bloggers and fitness trainers seem to talk about which isn’t really much help when you’re a hard gainer. For some people, losing weight isn’t the difficult part. Some people have spent their entire lives looking stick thin. For these hard gainers, … Read more