Boosting HGH Levels Naturally for Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

Bodybuilders well understand the importance of HGH or human growth hormone in building muscle and burning fat. Here’s an interesting video

HGH not only affects muscle growth in your body but is also regarded as the Fountain of Youth. It’s production in your body begins declining with age and this decline sets into motion the aging process. Here are some important tips to help boost HGH production in your body naturally and safely:

1 Strength Training or Resistance Training

I am sure like a lot of other visitors to this site, you know the importance of strength or resistance training for increases muscle mass, size and strength. However, strength training is supposed to be great for increasing HGH production too. According to a study, HGH levels increase by an amazing 300% within half an hour of heavy resistance exercise. So, if you don’t already workout, join a gym right away and begin pumping right now!

2. Begin with HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training

Now, this refers to a routine where in your tend to increase weight or intensity of the exercise with very short breaks in between, say ranging between 15, 20 or 30 seconds at the most. Your body experiences a HGH boost during such training sessions.

More importantly, it stays anabolic for at least 24 hours after you have completed such a workout. Your metabolism stays high for up to 24 hours and this is simply great for burning excess fat in the body.

3. Eat Smaller Spaced Out Meals

You must have already heard that having small frequent meals throughout the day can help you lose weight. But what I want to emphasize here is that small frequent meals every 2-3 hours a day can help boost HGH production too.

Such meals keep your Insulin and sugar at a constant level. They are not crashing down or elevating but remain almost constant which helps boost your HGH levels. However, you need to keep in mind that you should not include too much sugar in such meals.

4. Avoid Sugar

This is because sugar can spike up Insulin levels in your body, which inhibits HGH production.

Thus, you must avoid foods with a high glycemic index. Some examples of such foods include those that are made with flour, grains, bread etc. Choose foods that are low in sugar content. Though sugar exists in almost all the natural foods, stay away from the processed stuff.

5. Get Enough Sleep

This is perhaps the most important factor affecting HGH production in your body. Your body experiences deep sleep cycles which are defined as the phase in which your body turns anabolic. In other words, your body grows while you are sleeping.

More importantly, HGH is released during the REM phase of deep sleep. This is the phase in which you dream. Lack of sleep can disturb this cycle and result in a drop in your HGH production. You must get sleep for a minimum of 6 hours every night. Though 8 hours of sleep can be great, that’s being too optimistic with most of us having extremely busy schedules.