An Efficient and Challenging Legs and Upper Abs Routine From Kris Gethin

A great workout should be intense and efficient. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend in the gym, how many different exercises you’re going to do or how closely you follow the general consensus for training: it only matters how much effort you put in and how intense the training is all the way through.


This leg and abs workout from Kris is highly unconventional in a number of ways. It’s simple in that it only uses three exercises, it’s intense and fast because it uses tiny rests and is built around supersets, and it’s unusual too because it has such high rep ranges.


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But this simplicity makes the workout simpler to follow. The high volume keeps the muscles under tension and Kris believes will stimulate more growth than conventional methods. And the intensity allows you to get in and out of the gym in 45 minutes having done a more than adequate session.


So there’s just two sets. One super set and one set of crunches. Here are the specifics…


Superset: Leg Press Superset With Calf Raises

Leg press and calf raises can both be performed on the leg press machine making them ideal for super-setting. The leg press itself will hit the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and hips, allowing you to finish off with just the calves at the end. These are big compound movements so you’ll be increasing functional strength and triggering all kinds of growth.


In total you’re going to perform this superset 10 times starting with 50 repetitions on the presses and 40 on the calves. From there you’re going to rest for 45 seconds, then go again aiming for ten lower with a slightly longer break afterwards.


The first five will look like this:


45 second rest


1 minute rest


1.5 minute rest


2 minute rest


Then work your way back up, performing 10/20 again then 20/10, 30/20, 40/30 and 50/40. Keep the rest period at 2 minutes or whatever you’re comfortable with and drop the weight if necessary to climb back up. This is called a pyramid set and it’s a great way to really max out every last muscle fibre to create the maximum possible microtears.


Abs: Weighted Decline Crunches to Failure

Kris performs crunches using a decline bench a light barbell. It should be light to avoid injury, but still heavy enough that you reach failure at around 20 repetitions. Kris emphasises here though that it’s not important to count repetitions, so much as you should be making repetitions count. In other words, you’re going to go to failure no matter how many reps that takes and if you do too many sit ups


In total you’re going to do five sets of these, keeping rest time to a minimum. The abs can be trained very quickly and effectively like this, but you must make sure that you’re putting in the effort and keeping up the intensity. This is the end of the workout so you’ll be tired, but you mustn’t let that become an excuse to start putting in less work.

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