How to Workout Your Abs With Zero Equipment

If there’s one thing that almost every guy in the world wants, it’s amazing rock hard abs. Count on Jeff Cavaliere of Athlene-X then to provide an abs workout that’s suitable for people at any level and that can be performed with no need for any equipment. Read on and let’s take a look at his six pack progression workout that has been helping loads of guys to get some incredibly insane looking mid-sections.


Two Down One Ups

The two down one up is an unusual sounding exercise that looks just as weird. Essentially you’re lying flat on the floor but with your abs clenched and shoulders raised slightly off the ground (like the hollow rock exercise). Your heels will also be off the ground and then you’re going to take it in turns to kick each leg upwards while keeping the other one at about 30 degrees. This combines isometric holds all over the place along with a great range of movement that challenges the core in a really unique way. Jeff recommends continuing for 45 seconds as the goal for a single ‘set’.


The idea then is to rest in between for no more than 10 seconds and then go again until the point where you can’t complete your ‘goal’ of 45 seconds any more. At that point you’ve fatigued that specific movement and you head onto the next one in the progression.


Figure 8s

Here you’re lying flat on the ground and drawing figure-8s in the air with your abs. The ‘goal’ is 60 seconds and you again keep performing it until that movement is exhausted.


The 21 Crunch

The 21 crunch is a crunch where you keep your legs straight and touch your shins with your hands each time. The goal is 12 reps.


Scissor “V” Ups

Scissor “V” ups are crunches where your legs are off the ground and scissoring over the top and bottom of each other while you crunch. The goal is 45 seconds but by this stage most people won’t be able to do a complete set even once.


Hip Touch Planks

The hip touch plank is an exercise that Jeff himself invented. You start off in plank position and then you raise your hips upwards and rest on one arm while touching your opposite hand to the opposite hip. Repeat on both sides for one rep. The goal is 15 sets.


V Up Russion Twists

Finally, the V Up Russian Twist is a similar to the 21 crunch except you’re involving your obliques more by twisting your core and touching your hands onto the ground on either side. The goal is 12 reps.


Once you’ve completed all the exercises in this list you’ll have hit the lower abs, bottom rotation, mid-range abs, obliques, top down movement and top down rotation. In other words, it covers every aspect of your core for fantastic abdominal development.


Jeff calls this workout ‘X-Tinction’ and it’s easy to see why… once your done your abs will feel completely extinct!


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