Is Andromen Forte the Best Testosterone Cream on the Market?

Increasing testosterone is something that shouldn’t just be interesting for bodybuilders and athletes. Sure, that crowd will definitely stand to benefit from elevated levels of the male hormone and can expect to see increased strength, greater muscle size and definition and even improved physical performance.

But testosterone is also great for boosting general health. What man wouldn’t want a little more muscle? To enjoy better sex? Or to feel virile, energetic and driven in the same way they did in their 20s?

The problem is that the average man experiences devastatingly low levels of testosterone past the age of thirty and even before. Thanks to our sedentary lifestyles, lack of sunlight, high sugar diets, high stress levels and estrogenic compounds in our diet and grooming products, we have never been so chemically neutered in all of history.

Most men then need more testosterone than they have and they can benefit from even more. Forget the average and start thinking about the optimal. Unfortunately, steroids aren’t an option for the average male owing to the host of unpleasant side effects that accompany the use of PEDs, as well as the legal issues.

But what about a topical testosterone cream?

What is Andromen Forte?

In case you hadn’t already guessed the punchline, Andromen Forte is just such a topical cream. This product comes from Australia and is a topical cream containing 5% testosterone. Seeing as man y testosterone injections are intramuscular, applying a cream to the skin seems to make sense and anecdotal evidence indeed suggests that this cream can help to elevate testosterone levels, resulting in improved body composition, better sex and better moods among other things.

Andromen is also a more potent formula as compared with some of the competition. Androgel and Testim for instance only contain 1% testosterone.

But here’s the thing: potency is not necessarily a good thing when you’re looking at using testosterone creams. Increasing testosterone past normal levels can, unfortunately, lead to acne, gynecomastia and ultimately low natural testosterone production. This happens because the body reacts to the heightened production of testosterone by reducing natural production.

In other words, this is little different from using a steroid or an injectable testosterone – except that the benefits are far less noticeable.

The Better Alternative

Is Andromen Forte the best testosterone gel? Possibly in terms of strength but the real question is whether you should even be using a testosterone gel. Especially when there are better choices out there…

For these reasons, Andromen is not the best testosterone booster. Far preferable is something like Trooper. This is a product that doesn’t seek to replace testosterone but rather to stimulate the body to produce more testosterone naturally. It does this via the inclusion of numerous ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek, Ginseng and Tribulus Terrestris.

What sets is apart from other testosterone boosters is that it is a Military Grade testosterone booster made in the US in an FDA lab. It contains pure tribulus terrestris extract and has been standardized to 45% saponins. Not just this, it also contains 10 mg of DHEA. It is perfect for a bulking, cutting, and strength cycles.

The result is a means to increase testosterone levels that doesn’t involve adding synthetic testosterone to the body. This prevents any of the unwanted side effects but is still highly effective thanks to the generous quantities of each of the key ingredients. If you’re looking to boost testosterone, then a product like Trooper is a safer and more effective option.

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