The Best Ab Superset on the Planet!

Everyone reading this, probably knows what a superset is. But for those of you shrugging their shoulders, this simply means that you are taking two or three exercises and placing them back to back. That means getting rid of the rest period where you might normally be sitting on the bench looking at the clock and instead doing another exercise during this time to make maximal use of the time.


The great thing about supersets is that they let you do more work in less time and they let you create some rather strategic routines. In particular, you can use supersets that consist of exercises targeting the same muscles, or targeting opposing muscles. In the former scenario, you’ll be doubling up your efforts on whatever body part it is that you’re hoping to train. In the latter, you’ll be giving the area you just trained a break while still getting more ‘bang for your buck’ while you’re in the gym.


The best supersets though? Often they’re something in-between. In other words, great supersets will often target the same muscle group but from a different angle, in a different way or while involving different supporting muscles. This way you can get a more complete workout for that area in a shorter time and make it a lot more intensive too.


In fact, if you get it right, then you can create a whole workout from a super-set, effectively making it into a very short circuit, minus the cardio! This keeps things nice and simple and lets you really focus on what matters – getting the burn!


Here’s the best ab superset you’re likely to come across any time soon that takes full advantage of this strategy…



Abdominal Shifters

We’re starting with something rather unique called abdominal shifters. Keeping your core tight and a slight concave arch in your torso, you’re going to rock on your back in order to gradually ‘shift’ your body around in a circle 360. Your upper back and feet mustn’t touch the floor and you essentially look like a fish flapping around on the surface. It may look strange, but it’s also a brilliant way to train the transverse abdominis and obliques and is actually kind of fun…



Pulsators are like mini-leg raises although in this case we’re going to be raising the arms as well, just ever so slightly. You should still be in a concave shape, but effectively vibrating your upper and lower body: which is excellent for the transverse abdominis again but also for the rectus abdominis (six pack muscle).



Also called a ‘hollow rock’, you’re now going to rock back and forth staying in that position. You’ll be maintaining this hollow position now throughout the entire workout. You can do as many sets and reps as you like but the key is to listen to your body – make sure you feel it working and you’ll know once you’ve had a good workout.


Not convinced? Try it and we think you’ll change your mind!

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