Why is Deca Durabolin Considered ‘The King’ of Muscle Building Steroids?

Kings are not elected – it is their birth right to rule.

What this means is that Deca doesn’t have to explain to you why it is the king. It just is okay?

But if you really want to know why bodybuilders and athletes often recommend Deca over other alternative anabolics, read on and let’s take a look.

And while we’re at it, let’s also consider a challenger to the throne…

canstockphoto16988288The Deca Difference

The reason that Deca is so popular is that in principle it offers one of the best risk/reward ratios of any steroid. That is to say, that it can help you to gain lots of lean muscle mass without worrying about as many side effects. It is highly potent but at the same time, not nearly as damaging.

The reason for this, is that deca doesn’t work directly on testosterone. Instead, it works on Nandrolone which is a synthetic substance that works similarly to testosterone. While testosterone does lead to greater muscle mass, Nandrolone has comparable benefits without causing the hair loss, acne, aggression or difficulty sleeping that is associated with testosterone.

What’s more, is that Nandrolone doesn’t ‘aromatize’ into oestrogen. In other words, unlike testosterone, it doesn’t convert into the female hormone and end up giving you the appearance of breasts. It’s very easy to see why bodybuilders might consider these things big advantages for the substance!

The Downsides

If you’re interesting in building the maximum muscle, then you will likely have at least considered using steroids. What’s probably stopping you though is the side effects.

Unfortunately, Deca is not the answer as it still carries numerous considerable risks. One of the big issues is liver toxicity – over time Deca can cause liver damage and if you’re very unlucky this could eventually be fatal.

The other problem is that the body can still respond to Deca by reducing natural testosterone production. This could potentially leave you with permanently crippled natural levels of testosterone and everything that goes with it (low libido, impotence and depression to name a few).

While post cycle therapy with something like HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) may help, this is still a huge risk to take.

The Alternative

Fortunately though, there’s another product out there that just might be even more ‘kingly’ than Deca. It’s called Deckadrolone, which is a supplement from Crazy Mass that works as a natural testosterone booster. That means that it uses ingredients like tribulus and l-arginine to safely encourage the body to produce more testosterone of its own.

This in turn means that you don’t need to worry about your natural production switching off – if anything it will remain high even after you finish the product! At the same time, there’s no damage to the liver as you’re consuming nothing but healthy amino acids and herbal extracts.

What’s more is that Deckadrolone is completely legal and you don’t have to buy it from a shady guy on a street corner. Looks like we’ve got another War of the Roses on our hands!