5 Interesting Steroid Facts and Myths

Steroids are some of the most understood compounds in the world and are the focus of a lot of heated debate and discussion.

There are people who take steroids and who by swear by them. Some of these people will be very keen to protect the reputation of steroids and to defend their decisions – and as such they’ll vehemently promote the benefits of steroids while downplaying the risks.

Then you have the more moderate steroid user. The kind of person who admits that the decision isn’t for everyone and who is aware and at peace with the potential risks of using steroids.

Finally, you have those who are completely against steroids and who will spread rumors and misinformation to try and prevent others from using them.

The result? No one knows what to believe! Read on then and we’ll look at some common steroid facts and myths …

1 You Can’t Get Strong Just by Using Steroids

Start working out and you’ll inevitably start getting questions from people about building muscle. And this will almost always lead to people asking you if they should do steroids (whether or not you do them yourself). What you’ll often find is that some of these people believe that all they need to do is start injecting or taking pills and they’ll instantly gain muscle and burn fat.

Of course the reality is that you still need to work hard – very hard – in order to build a lot of muscle.

2. Steroids Don’t Necessarily Cause Rage

Our image of the steroid user is often someone who is very big, strong, bald and angry. That’s the ‘roid rage’ coming in.

But in reality, roid rage isn’t as much of a certainty as you may have been led to believe. In fact, roid rage is quite uncommon according to some studies. And when it does occur, it’s actually much more similar to being a stroppy teenager rather than the incredible Hulk.

3. Steroids Don’t Shrink Your Penis

This is completely false but is more likely based on the fact that steroids can make your testicles shrivel slightly. The latter occurs as a result of the testes not needing to produce as much testosterone anymore but with the right PCT, they should return to normal size subsequently.

4. You CAN Build Serious Muscle Without Steroids

People are very fast to accuse every ripped athlete, bodybuilder and celebrity of using steroids – as though that’s the only way they could possibly get into that shape.

In reality though, there are many ways you can get into that kind of shape without steroids. Just take a look at old-time strong men: they have incredibly ripped physiques and that was before steroids existed!

It’s also possible to get supplements that can closely mimic the effects of steroids – such as those from Crazy Mass.

5. Steroids Are ‘Bad’

Many people assume steroids are ‘bad’ and that the people who take them must be ‘bad’ too.

In reality, steroids have pros and cons like everything else. Sure, they can lead to liver damage and some other problems but you could argue that alcohol is much more damaging and millions of people use that particular drug every day.

What’s more is that steroids can actually be used medically to help prevent a number of health conditions. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make your decision about steroids but not to judge others for theirs! 

Legal Alternative for Steroids

Steroids are a passe’ now. There are some great alternatives available that can help you get results as close to actual steroids as possible without side effects. These supplements are now commonly reffered to as “legal steroids” and have become quite a hit with bodybuilders. Some of the best brands selling such legal steroids include Crazy Mass, Crazy Bulk, and Marine Muscle.

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