Anavar Supplements Cycle – Results of Stacking With Creatine

A lot of guys find themselves very much ‘on the fence’ when it comes to steroid use. On the one hand, they find the potential benefits very tempting and are excited by the idea of building more muscle, losing fat and looking like some kind of superhero. On the other though, these same guys are often very concerned about the potential risks – impotence, liver damage, baldness, heart problems… these are all serious causes for concern!

For this reason, if you do opt to take the risk, then you may prefer to use something that is a little milder and less likely to cause the most severe side effects. And the best example of that is Anavar, stacked with creatine.

What is Anavar?

canstockphoto10336067Anavar is a steroid that is considerably less potent than most other steroids and that carried fewer of the side effects and dangers associated with steroid use.

Anavar works differently from steroids in that it doesn’t bind to the androgen receptors. Rather, it directly increases DHT which is a more advanced and potent form of testosterone. This in turn can increase anabolism without causes hair loss, acne, or some of the other unwanted effects.

Anavar can also be taken in lower quantities – sometimes as low as 20mg – and this will have minimal impact on endogenous levels of testosterone. There are still side effects and concerns, but taken in this way, they will be significantly lessened.

The only problem? Anavar at these doses is also not going to be particularly effective in increasing hypertrophy or weight loss.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is something that can help with this.

Creatine is a completely legal, safe and healthy supplement and isn’t a steroid at all. However, it can still have a lot of very potent effects that will help to increase muscle mass and physical performance.

Effectively, creatine works by allowing the body to recycle used ATP. ATP is ‘adenosine triphosphate’ and the primary substance that the body uses for energy. By letting us reuse ATP, creatine helps to provide the muscles with more energy to perform more reps before fatiguing.

Better yet, creatine can increase water retention in the muscle cell and sarcoplasm. This means the muscles will look swollen and larger naturally and you can gain up to an inch on your biceps from creatine alone.

The Safest Way to Gain Muscle

This stack is safe and effective. However, the Anavar still poses some serious risks for the health which is why it’s always best to avoid using illegal substances. Apart from anything else, using Anavar will mean buying drugs online that have zero regulation or safety checks.

Much better is to use Anvarol – a safe and legal analog of Anavar that comes from a company called Crazy Bulk. Anvarol can trigger many of the same benefits as Anavar but does so in a manner that won’t damage your liver or impact on your natural levels of testosterone. It’s great for cutting as well as for enhancing strength. The best part is that it is 100% legal and does not have side effects. It has been getting awesome user reviews too.