Benefits of Fasting for Increasing HGH

Human growth hormone is something of a miracle substance for bodybuilders which can make all the difference when it comes to maximum hypertrophy and strength gains. Essentially growth hormone is the substance the body uses to control the reparation of tissue throughout the body and this is particularly important for bodybuilding which involves the creation of ‘microtears’ that get built back stronger. More growth hormone means more muscle growth but it also aids in fat reduction and recovery for maximum energy and performance.

Anything you can do to naturally increase your growth hormone then should be encouraged and one technique that you can use to this end is ‘intermittent fasting’.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Essentially the idea behind intermittent fasting is to go for short periods without food before eating normally again. Many people use this as a diet to help with fat loss, but as it turns out it also has many other benefits including improved growth hormone production.

The reason that fasting is so effective is simple: it forces the body to use up the available glucose in the blood and then turn to other methods getting energy. Specifically that means burning your fat stores to make up for the missing glucose in the blood. At the same time it also results in an insulin spike which means you’ll be able to get more energy out of the food you eat when you do get it and it increases the function of your mitochondria – the walls surrounding your cells that are responsible for energy production and utilisation. And don’t worry about your body going into a starvation mode and storing more fat – that doesn’t happen unless you fast for considerably longer.

Stallone-hormone-hghHow Intermittent Fasting Creates Growth Hormone

So what has this got to do with growth hormone?

Well as we already mentioned, growth hormone isn’t only useful for repairing tissue but also for burning fat to provide energy. As such then, anything that depletes your available glucose levels will result in a huge increase in growth hormone production that leads to improved muscle building and fat burning subsequently.

This actually works for the same reason then that running results in increased HGH production and particularly high-intensity sprinting that puts the body into an anaerobic state (meaning you’re burning through energy too quickly for the aerobic system to keep up). If you combine this high intensity sprinting with intermittent fasting you can see a potentially huge surge in growth hormone.

Words of Caution

While there are many potential benefits of intermittent fasting, it also has its opponents and it may have some negative side effects. Those with existing health problems should avoid fasting diets and fasting too long can be damaging even for people with no current health complaints.

It’s also possible that intermittent fasting can lead to lethargy, sleeping problems and depression. Proceed with caution then and see what works for you. And remember that there are many other ways to increase HGH such as using supplementation or using compound exercises in the gym.

Best HGH Supplements

One of the best ways to boost your growth hormone levels is with the help of HGH supplements that can stimulate your pituitary gland to help increase its own production of HGH. Such supplements are made with amino acids and other natural ingredients and have no side effects at all. They can be a great help in increasing muscle growth as well enhancing fat burning in the body.


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