Top Exercises for Cutting

If you want to really develop your physique into that of a bodybuilder, then you shouldn’t just be focused on size. While size is important of course, it’s also critical that you tick a number of other boxes to ensure maximum aestheticism and function. Symmetry is important for example, as is definition, proportions and power.


Developing definition is one aspect of a bodybuilder’s game that can sometimes feel a little bit like a chore. If you got into bodybuilding because you enjoy lifting heavy weights and eating lots of food, then this isn’t really going to play to your strengths. Fortunately though there are a number of different strategies and exercises you can use for developing a cut body, so let’s take a look at some of the best and most varied options so that you can pick the on that suits you.


Cardiovascular Exercises

get cutThe best way to improve your definition and to make yourself look more cut and ripped is to use cardiovascular exercise that will increase your heart rate and encourage fat burning. You can’t ‘target’ the order that fat gets burned, so you can really choose any exercise that raises your pulse to have the desired effect.


Running then is of course a good example, as is swimming, rowing, cycling or boxing. Exercises that will use more of your body at once are better for encouraging the natural production of growth hormone as well as for toning the muscles at the same time as burning the fat.


If you have bad knees, suffer from shin splints or have back problems, then you should choose a no-impact form of CV such as cycling or swimming. For severe back problems you also want to avoid weight-bearing exercise so you might choose the recumbent bicycle or swimming.


Interval Training

Interval training is training that involves sprinting or jogging very quickly for short bursts, followed by jogging more slowly for a short period in order to allow the body to recover again. This works well because it puts the body in an ‘anaerobic state’ where you’re moving too fast to get energy from the fat stores and so must use the available energy in your blood. This increases HGH production and means that for the rest of the workout you will only be able to get energy by burning that fat.


Compound Exercises

But don’t worry – your usual bodybuilding exercises aren’t completely useless at this point: in fact the bigger movements known as ‘compound’ exercises are going to be highly useful in your bid to burn fat and make yourself more ripped and shredded.


That’s because compound exercises like squats, bench presses and deadlifts all increase your production of growth hormone and testosterone even more than other exercises thus putting your body into an ‘anabolic state’. This is because you will be training more of the muscles and particularly the larger groups such as the legs. Training your legs in general is highly important as they contain the largest muscles in your body – and your body burns fat simply to sustain your muscle. So add compound exercises, interval training and diet low in carbs and you should see yourself quickly becoming more ripped and lean.


Cutting Supplements

Cutting supplements are another great choice that can help you get a ripped look. A lot of bodybuilders use steroids for getting ripped quickly. Some of the most well known cutting steroids include anavar, stanzolol and of course, clenbuterol. However, these three can have a lot of damaging side effects.

Crazy Bulk offers a complete range of supplements that mimic such steroids and ensure excellent cutting results without negative side effects. These supplements have become quite a hit with bodybuilders because of their effectiveness and safety.