Dbol Steroids – Injections or Pills – Which One to Choose?

With Dbol specifically though, there is definitely a lean toward tablets

When consider Dianabol, there’s a good chance you’ll be looking for ways to make the drug as safe as possible. This is actually what attracts a lot of people to the substance in the first place; compared with other steroids, it is considerably milder and can be used in much smaller doses of around 10-25mg in some cases. This is far less likely to impact negatively on endogenous testosterone productions, far less likely to damage your liver and much less likely to cause problems like acne and hair loss.


BUT all these things still occur. This is still a dangerous and illegal drug and it’s very important you always keep this in mind when considering it.

This is also why it’s important to consider the other things you can do to try and make it as safe as possible. PCT for instance is always a very good idea. This stands for ‘Post Cycle Therapy’ and basically means that you are going to use certain other substances in order to try and fix your natural testosterone levels post-cycle.

And also useful is to ask whether you’re going to use injections or pills.

Pills Vs Injections – The Old Debate

Deciding whether to use injections or pills is an age-old debate with any steroid use. Using oral steroids is of course much more convenient for a lot of people. If you’re at all squeamish, then the thought of injecting directly into your muscle may be very off-putting. This also means you need to buy the paraphernalia and prepare it each time and it means you’ll be potentially left with painful red pock-marks.

What’s more is that this adds to the cost and means you’re much more likely to find yourself in trouble with the law.

Conversely though, while tablets might seem a lot more appealing and safer in some ways, they actually place more strain on the liver and are less effective overall.


The Answer for Dbol

With Dbol specifically though, there is definitely a lean toward tablets. It is much easier to come across oral Dbol and most people won’t even consider the use of injections. This is a relatively rare case but on the whole, you should only really consider oral use.

Then again though, you might choose to avoid this drug entirely and put your health and safety first. In that case, there are actually safe alternatives you can use that offer very similar benefits.

One example of this is D-Bal from Crazy Bulk. This is a testosterone booster that has been specifically formulated to mimic the effects of Dbol. However, it does this by using entirely natural ingredients that have been shown in studies to stimulate the body to produce its own testosterone.

This means that you can elevate levels of the anabolic hormone but keep it within safe parameters. What’s more, is that because the body is producing the testosterone itself, it won’t cause any unwanted adaptations. Oh and it’s much cheaper, doesn’t require injections and is completely legal!

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