Dorian Yates Shows You How to Train Your Delts and Triceps

Dorian Yates’ ‘Blood and Guts’ workouts are powerful and intense workouts designed to avoid injury while putting as much pressure on the target muscle groups as possible. With his Delts and Triceps workout, Dorian has outdone himself crafting a workout for these critical muscle groups that will allow you to quickly get an intense burn while avoiding unwanted tears or sprains.



Here’s what you need to do…


Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 2 Warm Up Sets, 1 Working Set

Starting with the classic shoulder press to work every deltoid head, take two dumbbells and simply press them over your shoulders. Dorian stresses the importance of keeping the tension on by making sure not to straighten the shoulders. This will keep the shoulders under tension and give you cannonballs at the tops of your arms. Perform 10-12 sets on the warm up set, then 6-8 to failure on the working set. Add a twist to perform Arnold Presses if you want to really engage the whole shoulder.


Side Lateral Raises: 1 Warm Up Set, 1 Working Set

Now you’re going to be training the lateral heads of the deltoids by raising the dumbbells out to the side like you were trying to fly. You don’t need heavy weights for this move, you’ll find that light weights are more than enough. Doing this early on in the workout will pre-exhaust the lateral deltoid heads. Try not to swing the weights and keep your body straight.


Use half reps to push yourself beyond failure.


Low Pulley Delt Raises: 1 Working Set

You won’t need a warm up set for these coming straight from the lateral raises. Now you’re going to continue performing lateral raises but unilaterally using the cable pull machine set at the low position. This will change the angle of the resistance and really get the delts burning.


Reverse Dumbbell Flye: 1 Warm Up Set, 1 Working Set

Grab two dumbbells, lean forwards and raise them out to your sides as though you were using butterfly stroke in a swimming pool. This will focus the posterior deltoids – make sure to bring the elbows forwards which will help to really put the focus on the deltoids rather than the lats.


Tricep Cable Push Downs: 1 Warm Up Set, 1 Working Set

Now moving onto the triceps (after a five minute break) you’ll start with tricep push downs. Use the cable pulley machine on the high position, hold onto a bar attachment with your elbows close in by your sides, then push down on the bar while pivoting at the elbow. Control the negative!


Lying Tricep Extensions: 1 Warm Up Set, 1 Working Set

Using an EZ bar this is essentially a skull crusher but slightly further back. You’ll be lying towards the end of a bench with the bar above your head, then pivoting at the elbow to lower the weight behind your head, then straightening again. Make sure to keep the focus on the triceps.


Seated Tricep Presses: 1 Set

Using one last 8-10 rep set to failure, you’ll be performing the same motion while in a seated position, holding a single dumbbell behind your head and raising it up to the ceiling with each repetition.


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