Effective Five Step Diet Plan for Six Pack Abs



Jeff Cavalier is a guy who tells it how it is when it comes to building muscle and losing fat. And this is no different when it comes to his advice for getting six pack abs. What’s the best diet for getting six pack abs?


A simple one.


In other words, it’s time to stop overcomplicating matters with strange rules and behaviors. Believe it or not, getting abs is no rocket science – it’s just about being consistent and doing the things you know you should be doing.


Can you get ahead with techniques like carb backloading? Is there merit to eating coconut oil?


Maybe. Sure. Who knows.


Point is, you don’t really need to be doing those things and you shouldn’t be worrying about that kind of specificity unless you’re a top athlete. For most of us, all that matters is just eating a little less than we were before and a little healthier.


To help you through this process, check out just these few tips from Jeff that can help you to get the body you’re looking for.


Step 1 – Stop Eating Junk Food

You already know which foods in your diet are completely bad for you. Those are the ones we know as ’empty calories’ and they’re the unnecessarily calorific ones.


So what examples are there of this? Think:

  • Cake
  • McDonalds
  • Mars Bars
  • French fries
  • Ready-made microwave pasta meals
  • CocaCola


These are all pretty much just rubbish for your health. They contain approximately zero useful nutrition but more than make up for that in calories. The simple answer: steer clear.


Step 2 – Eat More Often

Eating more often boosts your metabolism, it prevents you from stretching your stomach and it encourages you to eat less each time you do.


Step 3 – Remove Unnecessary Foods

You’ve removed the utter junk from your diet and you’ve spaced out the rest. Next up, time to take another pass through that diet and to remove the parts that aren’t doing as much good as you maybe thought they were.


In other words, there is your obvious junk food and then there’s your less obvious junk food. Take that shop-bought chicken Kiev for instance. It might sound good for you (chicken and garlic, what’s not to like?) but chances are the chicken is highly processed and there’s a ton of extra fat. It’s probably crazy high in calories… so cut this kind of stuff out too.


Step 4 – Add in More Healthy Foods

The aim isn’t to starve yourself here though. Instead, your objective is to swap out the bad for the good. So in place of those foods that are making you suffer, add in some foods that are high in nutrients and low in calories. This will ensure you still feel satisfied and even more so if the food is nutritious.


Step 5 – Add High Quality Supplements

This step isn’t crucial but if you really want to chisel those abs, then throw in a few good supplements to add to your protein intake or to enhance your general health further. You can also consider Crazy Mass supplements that mimic legal steroids but have no harmful side effects.


And that’s your basic 5-step plan!


But you knew all this already didn’t you?