Five Meal Recipes for Increasing Growth Hormone

A good bodybuilding diet isn’t just about providing the body with enough protein while keeping calories to a minimum, it’s also about supporting the hormones and hacking the metabolism to ensure that your body makes the best possible use of the raw materials you’re giving it.

But at the same time it also needs to taste good. No matter how well you plan your diet, you’re not going to get any benefits from it unless you can actually stick to it. And you probably won’t be able to do that unless you have some good meal recipes. With that in mind then, let’s look at five delicious meals you can make quickly that will all help to improve your growth hormone levels…



poached-eggs#1 Poached Eggs and Spinach

The first meal that you can for increasing growth hormone is poached eggs and spinach, which is most effective when eaten first thing in the morning. The eggs contain B12 which aids in fat burning, as well as all the amino acids to support growth hormone, IGF1 and protein. Meanwhile the spinach contains phytoecdysteroids which may produce a further anabolic effect.


Simply prepare your spinach in the microwave, poach your eggs and drop them on top for a filling breakfast that will see you through the day.


#2 Oatmeal With Whole Milk

This is an alternative breakfast that will also fill you up through the day. Oatmeal is a wholegrain meaning it contains many essential minerals to improve growth hormone formation. Furthermore, it’s high in fibre which helps your body to ferry around all the nutrients you feed it throughout the day. Oatmeal is also a ‘slow carb’ meaning it provides you with a steady release of sugar to help you through the day without needing to snack. This will power you through your workouts and aid in weight loss for those reasons.



turkey-sandwich#3 Turkey Sandwiches (With Whole Grain Bread)

Turkey is not only a lean source of protein which increases growth hormone production, but it is also a source of l-arginine (a specific amino acid believed to help produce growth hormone) and is also thought to help aid sleep. Add a little salad on the bread as well to provide yourself with more minerals.


Alternatively for dinner have turkey on wild rice and add garlic for even more benefits and taste.



#4 Warm Milk and Honey

The perfect bed-time drink is warm milk and honey. The warm milk contains a small amount of tryptophan which may aid sleep, while the honey will ensure you have an adequate energy supply throughout the night which will lead to enhanced GH production. The fat in the whole milk will support more hormone creation during the night and will also slow down the release of the sugar from the honey more.


#5 Cherries and Cream

Not only is this a delicious desert, but it also contains one of the only natural sources of melatonin (the cherries). On top of that, cherries are a great source of amino acids and vitamins while the cream makes the whole thing even more delicious and provides you with saturated fats (a good thing!).


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