Foods That Lower Estrogen In Men

Higher than normal estrogen levels can lead to a lot of health problems and issues in men. Some of the causes of high estrogen in men could include aging, high levels of the aromatase enzyme, your diet and certain foods, excessive and chronic stress, excessive fat, and of course, xenoestrogens.

Some of the effects and symptoms of high estrogen levels could include low libido, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, gynecomastia, lack of energy, loss of muscle mass, depression, infertility, enlarged prostate, etc.

foods that lower estrogen in men

Foods That Lower Estrogen in Men

Let’s have a look at some of the best foods that you must include in your diet to lower estrogen:

1. Red Grapes

Red grapes are one of the best foods to lower or block estrogen in men. The skin and seeds of this fruit are known to contain two compounds, namely, resveratrol and proanthocyanidin. They are powerful antioxidants. More importantly, together they can prevent estrogen production in your body.

Red grape seeds are a powerful aromatase inhibitor which is the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen.

Red grapes are great in taste and even though there are many red grape supplements on the market, it is best to have some fresh grapes in their natural form.

2. Mushrooms

According to various studies, various varieties of mushrooms including portobello, baby button, white button, crimini, etc., are quite effective for lowering estrogen levels in your body.

As far as their working mechanism is concerned, it happens to be quite similar to the red grapes mentioned above. It blocks or inhibits the aromatase enzyme in your body in order to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

A lot of people love having mushrooms and the best part is that they can be used in various recipes by mixing them with onions and other vegetables. They can also be added to salads. The most convenient to get your share of mushrooms is to buy them from your nearest grocery store.

This is usually a better option than picking them up yourself since they are picked and packed by people who know how to differentiate between healthy and poisonous ones.

3. Cruciferous Vegetables

These vegetables are some of the best estrogen blockers that you can lay your hands on. These veggies are rich in DIM or Diindolylmethane.

Some of the best examples of cruciferous vegetables include:

  • Brussels sprout
  • turnips
  • cabbage
  • kale
  • cauliflower
  • broccoli
  • collard greens, etc.

You must include them in your diet if you are interested in lowering estrogen in your body. You can also check out the DIM benefits for men and how DIM supports testosterone in men by clicking here.

Moreover, you can also use a good DIM supplement for men that can help lower estrogen and support testosterone in men. I have covered one of such supplements in detail at the end of this article.

4. Wild Nettle Root

Wild Nettle Root is one of the most common ingredients used in prostate drugs since the leaves and roots of this plant are proven to keep your prostate healthy.

More importantly, the leaves and roots of this plant are also known to be rich in estrogen-blocking compounds. Thus, having it regularly can help lower estrogen in your body and thereby it may also help boost your testosterone levels.

5. Whole Grains

Unrefined grains come with a whole lot of health benefits such as improving your digestion and gut health. However, one of the most important benefits they provide is that they can help block estrogen in your body. This is because they are known to be rich in anti-estrogen polyphenols which makes them an amazing food source.

Thus, you must try to include grains such as brown rice, wheat, oats, corn, barley, millet, etc., in your daily diet. Here, I would like to make a point that you must try to have just the unrefined grains and not those that have been refined.

6. Sesame and Flax Seeds

Seeds are known to ensure many health benefits. They are commonly used to improve digestion and bowel movement. However, they are also excellent for reducing estrogen levels in men. This is why they make it on this list.

Some of the most potent seeds that are exceptionally effective for lowering estrogen include sesame and flax. They are abundantly rich in polyphenols which are some of the most powerful estrogen regulators.

Flax seeds are not just rich in polyphenols they are also nutrient-dense. They are also high in concentration of lignans. The best part is that they are readily available and you can easily get them from the local grocery store.

7. Pomegranates

Most people are not actually aware of this but pomegranates are one of the best estrogen-blocking foods that you can lay your hands on. They are supposed to be extremely rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants.

Not just this, the best part is that you can have them as they are or you can even juice them. This kind of doubles up their usefulness.

Apart from being one of the best estrogen blockers, they also help increase nitric oxide production in men. Increased nitric oxide levels help dilate blood vessels and ensure better blood circulation giving you more energy and power.

8. Green Tea

Green tea is known for its great health benefits. People use it for losing weight and for many other benefits. It is known to lower the risk of heart disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome and stroke.

Not just this, it is also known to improve immunity. Green tea is rich in compounds such as polyphenols and catechins.

However, one of its major benefits for men is that it can also help lower estrogen levels in their bodies. There are studies showing that green tea can help metabolize estrogen in men.

Thus, it’s time you start having a few cups of green tea every day!

9. Turmeric

Turmeric is another great food that can help lower estrogen as well as boost testosterone in men. The real magic lies in one of the compounds called curcumin that exists in turmeric.

Turmeric is highly rich in antioxidants and is also used for the treatment of cancer. It offers many other health properties and is also used as an antiseptic.

The best part is that it is readily available and is quite affordable too. It is commonly used as a spice in many Indian dishes and is often combined with back pepper to increase its bioavailability.

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