How to Prevent Anavar Hair Loss in Men

One of the most concerning side effects of steroid use is the loss of hair. A lot of guys will turn to steroids – despite the risks – because they are interested in the aesthetic benefits they can get from them. They take steroids and then hope to look stronger, larger and leaner.

But if it’s aesthetics you’re interested in, then you also need to keep in mind all of the serious and unwanted visible effects of steroids. You have the risk of acne, then there’s the danger of gaining water weight and puffiness and the issue of injection marks if you are injecting.

Worst of all though is the danger of hair loss. Most guys take a lot of pride in their hair and the last thing they want to do is to lose it while building muscle.

With all that in mind then, how do you go about preventing hair loss through Anavar use?



The Benefits of Anavar

Fortunately, the likelihood of losing hair during a cycle of Anavar is relatively low. Anavar is one of the least damaging steroids, especially when used in low doses, and is unlikely to cause acne, hair loss or some of the other issues associated with high testosterone. Partly this is because it works through DHT (dihydrotestosterone) channels rather than directly through testosterone.

It’s also important to understand that not everyone who uses steroids will lose their hair. Even people who use vast quantities of androgenic, anabolic steroids may well find themselves keeping a full head of hair.

The reason for this, is that hair loss is actually caused by two factors:

  • High testosterone
  • Hair follicles with a high sensitivity to testosterone

In other words, you can have very high T but still keep your hair if your hair follicles aren’t easily damaged by it.

Seeing as DHT only mildly increases levels of testosterone compared to something like Dianabol, this means that there are really only two circumstances where hair loss is likely:

  • You have very sensitive follicles
  • You are abusing Anavar

How to Stay Safe

That said, there is always a risk of hair loss, just as there is a risk of all the other unwanted side effects.

For these reasons, you may want to keep your doses relatively low. Keeping a dosage low at 20mg is actually likely to mean you don’t even need PCT (though it’s a very good idea to use it anyway). Use HCG for your PCT and cycle on only for 8 weeks at a time.

However, the only way to completely safe from hair loss and from other unwanted side effects like liver toxicity is to avoid Anavar and steroids entirely. These days there are other alternatives which can be just as effective in building muscle. One example is Anvarol, which comes from Crazy Bulk and is designed to perfectly emulate the effects of Anavar but in a safe and natural manner. These kinds of supplements work by naturally increasing the body’s own testosterone production which allows it to maintain a healthy equilibrium.

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