Five Moves for Much Bigger Pecs

In this article you’re going to see a chest workout that will make your pecs absolutely beg for mercy. There are some fairly well-known moves in here but by combining them in this order, you’re sure to see serious rapid growth. In fact, this routine is so successful that it’s also the one that Vince DelMonte (famous fitness vlogger) uses in order to get his chest ready for shoots. As you’ll know, that guy is big. You can be too, just keep reading and follow this workout to the letter!


Decline Dumbbell Press

Starting with an old classic, the decline dumbbell press is still one of the most effective pec exercises for a variety of reasons. For starters, the decline makes it more challenging by removing the shoulders more from the equation and hitting that lower portion of the chest.


Using dumbbells as well means the movement is unilateral – performed separately on each arm. This is perfect if you’re looking to build symmetry as it prevents one side from ‘helping’ the other through the movement which can often otherwise happen.


Decline Cable Press

As DelMonte is known to do, this move is the same but now with resistance bands. Almost every popular movement can be switched up to be performed with resistance bands which is a great way to mix it up, to change the angle of the resistance and to ensure that that resistance is retained throughout the entire range of motion. Cables have a lot of use when applied correctly and when used alongside dumbbells they’re perfect for hitting every little muscle group that’s involved.


Reverse Band Bench Press

The reverse band bench press relies on another favorite trick of DelMonte’s, which is the process of adding a resistance band to a compound movement in order to make certain portions of that movement easier. In this case the bench press is performed in a squat rack with the bands attached to top so as to make the movement easier at the bottom and more difficult as you get higher up. This allows you to pile on the weight without getting ‘stuck’ at the bottom (a little like bouncing the weight from your chest) and it also allows you to focus on this specific portion of your range of motion.


Incline Dumbbell Press

The incline dumbbell press is another straightforward exercise that is perfect to be paired with the decline. Now you’ll be moving the focus to the upper pecs which often get neglected. This can help to create a much fuller look and especially while you’re wearing a tank top or vest.


Standing Neutral Grip Incline

Many people think that the cable crossover machine is just for pec flyes but in fact it’s also a great when used like a chest press. In this case you’ll be standing in it and pressing out and slightly upwards. It’s perfect as a follow up to the incline dumbbell press and can really work the upper pecs and shoulders in a different way.

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