A Killer ‘DTP’ Chest and Back Workout from Kris Gethins

What does ‘DTP’ stand for? Dramatic Transformation Principle. And if you like the sounds of that, then read on and you can start seeing some serious changes yourself…


The chest and back are two of the largest muscle groups in the upper body, which makes a serious chest and back workout a fantastic way to trigger that hormone response and accelerate growth.


Oh, and by the way, it’s probably not what you’re used to…


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The Idea

This workout is made up simply of four exercises. Each time you’re going to be training using two of those exercises in a superset fashion meaning that you’re moving straight from one to the next with no fashion. The pecs and back are effectively opposite muscle groups in terms of their function, so they work well when superset in this fashion.


Meanwhile the rep ranges are also going to be rather different. Here you are going to be starting on a high 30, moving down to 20, 10 and then two lots of 5. This ensures you engage every last muscle fibre and really trigger the maximum possible growth.


That’s for the first superset, while in for the latter you’re going to be doing the opposite, starting with two 5s then working up through sets of 10, 20 and 30. Those are drop sets and pyramid sets for a truly exhausting workout that will test your endurance and change up your metabolism.


The Moves

Incline Dumbbell Press Superset With Bent Over Lateral Rows


To start you will be using an incline press in order to work the upper chest and to slightly bring in the shoulders.


Pressing dumbbells meanwhile will allow you to really bring the arms back and to train with perfect symmetry so as not to let one arm work more than the other.


You are going to be super-setting this with bent-over lateral rows. For the bent over rows you’ll again be using dumbbells in a bilateral manner, bringing your elbows up by your sides all the way on each rep. Don’t be afraid to use a little momentum to see you through each repetition and remember to protect your back as you do.


Flat Press With Bent Over Rows (Arms to the Side)

Now you’re going to move on to presses on a flat bench. This will allow you to train the middle and lower portion of the chest more in order to avoid missing anything. For the start of the workout, use heavier weights and move down as you get towards the end and start training in higher volume.


You’ll notice that the second portion of this superset is once again a bent over row. The difference is that this time you’re bringing your elbows out so as to engage the traps as well in the movement as well as the posterior deltoids. This is all about form and making sure you really feel the muscles working that are meant to be working.

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