Taking Testosterone for Bodybuilding

Athletes looking to get ahead of the competition by increasing their muscle mass and reduce body fat will often turn to anabolic steroids. These are drugs which can increase the amount of free testosterone in the blood by acting on the androgen receptors or through other means.

Either way, this increase in testosterone and/or DHT (dihydrotestosterone) then increases anabolism, triggering changes in the body that lead to gains in lean muscle mass, along with increased energy, enhances recovery and extra virility and drive.

Of course, all steroids also have a range of negative side effects, which can include liver damage, acne, heart problems, hair loss, aggression, sleeping difficulties, gynecomastia and impotence depending on the type of steroid used.

But what about taking testosterone directly? Would this enhance the results? And does it still carry the same risks and side effects?

How Testosterone Injections Work

Whereas most steroids work by indirectly increasing testosterone, injecting testosterone directly, of course, skips this step and leads straight to the result that athletes are trying to achieve – increased free T.

However, even here you will not be injecting testosterone in exactly the same form that it occurs in the body. Rather, there are a number of different types of testosterone injection however with slightly different effects and benefits. Enanthate, for instance, is a testosterone ester and is metabolized over several days. Cypionate meanwhile is a ‘long lasting’ form of testosterone which is metabolized over the course of seven to eight days. Propionate is a particularly fast-acting ester. Aqueous testosterone suspension is the closest thing to ‘raw’ testosterone and is used by being injected intramuscularly. It’s also very painful.

Once again, this then results in an increase in anabolism and increases muscle gains, fat loss, strength, and recovery.

Because testosterone injections directly increase T in the blood, some of the side effects are negated. In fact, doctors regularly prescribe testosterone injections for men with deficiencies. This even makes it readily available for those looking to purchase a vial, or who can find a doctor who is willing to bend the rules a little.

Side-Effects and Alternatives

Unfortunately though, there still are a wide range of unwanted side effects. These can include liver damage, hair loss and gynecomastia. However, the most concerning side-effect of all is low testosterone. Ironically, the men who are most likely to suffer with genuinely low T are those men who have used testosterone injections.

Why? Because the body responds to the exogenous testosterone by creating less endogenous T. In other words, the body says ‘we have way too much testosterone in here!’ and thus it turns off the testes.

This makes testosterone injections highly risky for guys who want to boost their performance and gains in the gym. So instead of going that route, consider an alternative: testosterone boosters.

These are products that work to stimulate the body to produce more testosterone on its own. Using ingredients such as tribulus and ZMA, these supplements have been scientifically proven to encourage the body to raise testosterone naturally. Crazy Bulk is a company that sells a range of testosterone boosters including the likes of Testo Max. All of these are completely safe, completely natural and 100% legal.

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