The Incredible 6 Minute Bicep Blaster

Exercise? Nobody has time for that!

Quite a few folks probably think this way, since everyone’s so busy making a living instead of actually living. But for those who do realize the health benefits of working out by building stronger muscles, the time it takes to do so can be a major sacrifice. But as the 6-Minute Bicep Blaster shows, it doesn’t have to be time consuming at all. It’s a workout that involves 4 simple exercises, and the video proves that it really does take only 6 minutes.

The video takes you through the different exercises: alternate bicep curls, alternate hammer curls, dual arm bicep curls, and isometric hold. As an additional benefit, you also don’t have to figure out how to do these exercises correctly. That’s always a problem when an article describes how an exercise has to be done—the descriptions simply don’t work as well as a video demonstration. So just play the video and follow the actions performed on your screen. That way, you can be sure that you have a perfect demonstration right in front of you.

Before you perform the workout, make sure that you have everything you need. In this case, you need to be in the right workout outfit, and you should have a pair of dumbbells ready. Dumbbells should weigh 9 kilos each, ideally, but the weight is up to you. You can start with lighter ones if you’re not sure how far you can go and then just increase it if you find the weight too easy.

Once you have everything ready, play the video. There’s a brief intro that gives a general overview about the program which also gives you the time you need to warm up and prepare your form. Once Jamie (the person in the video) says “Ready?” you should be ready as well. The first two exercises involve 9 reps each while the dual arm bicep curls involve 12 reps, but you don’t have to keep count. Just follow whatever the guy is doing on your screen.

The workout flows from one exercise to the next—there’s simply no rest! The video tells you when to change to the next, and all you have to do is to follow what’s on your monitor. The isometric hold requires you to maintain your hold on the weights for about 30 seconds, but again you don’t have to monitor the time. When the guy goes to the next exercise after the isometric hold, you just follow his schedule.

For guys, a stronger pair of biceps can be a great thing. It provides you with arm strength necessary for a lot of tasks, even if you don’t perform a lot of physical exertion in your line of work. Bigger biceps are also very impressive to look at. Quite a few ladies prefer bigger biceps in guys. Bullies may be warned off enough when they get a look at them, and they often prefer weaker-looking prey. You get all these benefits without wasting time—you just need 6 minutes!

The 6 Minute Bicep Blaster looks easy enough to do, and the video makes it even easier.

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