The Super 30 Chest Workout for Massive Pecs

To build big muscles, sometimes the best strategy is focus on weight and power. Take the maximum load and then perform as many repetitions as you can. It’s straightforward and it pushes the muscles to their limit.


It’s also important to make sure that you keep the momentum up and keep things intense. This way you can complete a session in less time, but actually see even bigger results than if you had taken longer working out.


Introducing the ‘Super 30’

Here we’re going to look at a workout that takes these principles and runs with them: building massive powerful pecs in just thirty minutes by training to failure with six exercises, followed by some cardio at the end if you want it.


What makes this workout different is that to start with you’ll be doing 10 sets of 3 or 6 sets of 5 repetitions so that you can load the weights up much higher than you normally would to maximize strength and explosive power. As soon as you’ve finished, you move on to your next exercise with barely any rest in between (around 30 seconds). Really you’re blurring the lines between sets and reps while continually increasing your weight for a truly intense workout. Throughout the workout though you’ll be capable of lifting less weight, so you’ll start moving more towards larger sets.


The workout is from Craig Capurso and is called the ‘Super 30’. Watch the video below for more:



The Exercises

Below you’ll find a guide to the exercises you need to complete the super 30.


Reverse-Grip Decline Bench (10 x 3): Using a decline bench will target the lower portion of the pecs, while the reverse grip will make sure you’re also hitting the upper portion for complete pec building.


Alternating Dumbbell Press (6 x 5): Next up is the alternating dumbbell press. Here you’ll be doing dumbbell presses but alternating between arms rather than doing it symmetrically. This will help to improve your control of each arm and will ensure there’s no imbalance between your pecs, triceps and shoulders.


Seated Horizontal Hammer Press (6 x 5): If you have a machine to guide you through this movement, then use it. Otherwise take a bench and adjust it to a semi-upright position and then continue pressing those dumbbells up using a hammer grip.


Seated Machine Flye (with a more traditional 3 x 10 reps): Next up is the machine flye, an exercise that will really test the outside of the pecs while also working the shoulders. If you don’t have a machine then a standing cable flye will work too.


Svend Press (2 x 15): The svend press is similar to a close-grip press but standing up. Here you will take two weights plates and push them together just above your chest as though you were praying (or doing a chest press). This works the inner pec (the opposite to the flyes) while also adding an isometric squeeze to the exercise. You can do this while standing too. You won’t be able to do this with big weights and so now you just want two sets of 15.


Single Arm Top Cable Flye (ascending reps): Now you’re going to do standing cable flyes, but using just one arm. You’re going to alternate throughout the exercise (on 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 reps – ascending reps), but essentially at this point it’s a flush set that will really finish off any surviving muscle fibres in your pecs.


Now finish off with cardio (Craig recommends tabata) and you’ll have completed one of the most intense pec workouts on the block. Get ready to hurt tomorrow!

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