Why Bulking is a Smart Way to Boost Testosterone

Many of us will try to raise testosterone in order to help us bulk. But did you know that this is actually a two-way street? The great news is that bulking also increases our testosterone in itself!

And this is useful information for anyone who wants to gain lean mass, feel more energetic and driven, be more virile or become that ‘alpha male’. It’s just one more reason that it’s awesome to get strong.

But how does it work?

Maxing Out Your Anabolism

In order to bulk up, you need to consume more carbs. And as soon as you start consuming more carbs, you’ll instantly start to gain more testosterone.

Specifically, you’ll gain more testosterone if you manage your carbohydrates and your blood sugar to avoid letting it dip. When we consume lower amounts of sugar you see, this actually causes our blood sugar to dip, which in turn triggers a release of cortisol and myostatin. Cortisol is the stress hormone (which is why we get hangry and shaky when we’re hungry) and myostatin is a molecule that encourages the body to break down muscle to use as energy. And more to the point, whenever you raise cortisol, you automatically lower testosterone!

In other words, when we’re hungry, we’re catabolic. And when we’re catabolic, we have low testosterone. Bulking means providing a massive surplus of carbs, protein, calories, and fats – and that tells the body that it can go into anabolic hyperdrive. Increased consumption of saturated fats is also important as the body actually uses the good cholesterol from fat in order to make testosterone.

Rest and Digest

When we’re looking to get lean, we do so by adding lots of intense cardio into our training. This might include going for long runs, rowing or cycling. Doing that in turn, causes the breakdown of both muscle and fat, while at the same time lowering blood sugar even further. Even the resistance workouts we perform in the gym will be more intense and involve more rapid repetitions etc.

On the other hand, the best way to train when you want to bulk is to use large, compound lifts (which are great at stimulating an anabolic response) and create pump (which also builds up metabolites like testosterone and growth hormone). From there, we then need to eat big and rest big.

Through all this rest, you’re once again signaling to your body that it is safe to grow and build and that the energy isn’t needed elsewhere. In fact, even resting psychologically will reduce stress hormones and at the same time encourage more rapid growth as a result. Sleep, in particular, is when the body produces most testosterone (at 4 am, reportedly), so by getting more sleep you’ll not only grow more but also become more alpha!

In short, nearly everything you do to increase muscle mass while bulking will also have the added benefit of increasing testosterone. And this becomes even more true when you’re also supplementing with testosterone-boosting supplements from the likes of Crazy Bulk.

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