The Top 5 Bulking Mistakes

Bulking is a great way to add mass quickly and is still the best strategy for competitive bodybuilders looking to increase their muscle mass quickly. Unfortunately though, a lot of people don’t know how to go about bulking in the right way and end up making costly mistakes.

Here are five of the biggest ones to avoid…

1 Not Sleeping Enough

When it comes to bulking, rest – and sleep in particular – is actually just as important as what you do in the gym. We grow when we sleep and this is also when we produce the most testosterone and growth hormone. Combine lots of sleep and rest with a testosterone supplement like Testo Max and you’ll accelerate your gains massively.

2. Eating too Lean

The best bulk is a dirty bulk – at least if your main priority is to build as much muscle as possible. It’s only by consuming large amounts of calories that you can stay in an anabolic state and avoid going catabolic and burning through muscle.

3. Using Heavy Weights

You don’t actually need heavy weights in order to bulk up fast. In fact, it is much better to use lighter weights, as this will then allow you to increase the repetitions. The more repetitions you do while isolating a single muscle group, the more microtears you’ll create and the more you’ll flood the muscle with metabolites. That feeling of ‘pump’ is what eventually leads to the most growth.

Meanwhile, using heavy weights for just a few repetitions will help you build lots of strength but not size. The best strategy is to use drop sets, which lets you enjoy the best of both.

4. Using Compound Movements

This isn’t a mistake so much as a common misconception that can hamper your gains. It’s controversial but recent research confirms what many of us suspected: testosterone and growth hormone induced through the use of compound lifts doesn’t stick around and doesn’t result in increased hypertrophy. So the old notion that squatting is crucial for growth really doesn’t hold up. It’s crucial for growth in your legs and that’s important but the act of squatting alone won’t make full body changes by increasing testosterone.

And what’s more, is that focussing on compound movements means you can’t push past failure and you can’t create lots of pump.

5. Ignoring the Resistance Machines

Conversely, resistance machines (which are the devil according to the ‘functional training’ crowd) are actually fantastic for building size. Why? Because they lend themselves ideally to partial reps, supersets, drop sets and all manner of other intensity techniques. What’s more is that they perfectly isolate the muscle group. Don’t rely purely on resistance machines but don’t ignore them either!

Bonus: Bulking When You Don’t Need to Bulk

One last tip though as a bonus: the biggest mistake of all is bulking when you don’t have to. Bulking is for bodybuilders and it is for hard gainers. If you’re in ‘decentish’ shape and you want to grow, take a steadier approach and try to grow while staying somewhat lean. It’s healthier and you’ll look better more of the time as a result!

How to Get Quick Bulking Results?

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