Winstrol Injections – Are They Painful?

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid that is a derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This is an anabolic hormone that is considerably more potent than testosterone, meaning that it can help to build muscle, burn fat, improve recovery following a workout and generally increase athletic performance. It also increases the production of red blood cells, which in turn improves circulation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and elsewhere. This also means that you can increase your output, in order to have more intense cardio workouts to burn even more calories and fat.

But Winstrol is still an illegal drug. And like most illegal PEDs, it comes with a host of serious side effects and issues.

We could go into depth discussing the dangers of Winstrol – how it is liver toxic, how it causes secondary sex characteristics, how it triggers inflammation of the joints – but instead let’s take a look at something more straightforward: the injections.

Winstrol Injections: Painful and Risky

It is possible to take Winstrol orally, but this drastically increases the number of potential side effects associated with the drug. When you take any steroid orally, it must pass through the liver which is what causes many of the most dangerous (potentially fatal) side effects.

So, you might inject.

This comes with a whole host of new issues: it causes marks on your skin which are a) unattractive and b) a clear sign to everyone that you use steroids.

It means you need to go through an involved process every time you want to inject in order to sterilize the needle and avoid more serious complications. It means you need to be very careful not to trap air bubbles.

It means you need to hide a whole host of paraphernalia under your bed or wherever else you choose to keep it.

But it also means you need to inject yourself. Which many people find very off-putting.

And which really hurts.

Any injection can be painful but in fact, it is commonly implied that Winstrol injections are especially painful: that they cause a serious burning sensation and that they can lead to swelling and pain the next day even. This can sometimes come from an infection but it can also simply be bruising: remember, you’re injecting a foreign substance into your skin which your body does not like. Shoulder injections are thought to be less painful, but it is ultimately just something that comes with the territory.

The Alternative

So, what do you do? The answer is not to use steroids!

There are alternatives out there, such as Winsol from Crazy Bulk which is formulated from entirely natural and safe ingredients that have similar effects to Winstrol. These ingredients have been shown in countless trials to raise testosterone and DHT, while also increasing blood flow and red blood cells.

The end result is that you can expect to build muscle without breaking the law, without risking your health and certainly without painful injections! This is the better option, all the way.

There are a couple of other brands that are also quite popular these include Crazy Mass and Marine Muscle.