A Fat Burning Workout From Hell

This is one of the hardest fat burning workouts that you’ll ever try. It’s something completely different from what you’re probably used to and it will absolutely kill your obliques.




The workout comes from SixPackFactory.com, which is a great YouTube channel for those interested in burning fat and building muscle. It’s a circuit but it’s quite probably not like any circuit you’ve tried for burning fat before…


Read on…


The Workout



Without further ado, let’s take a look at the exercises involved in this super punishing workout. They are:

10 x thrust Spider-Man push-ups
Here you are going to begin in press up position but with your arms slightly back towards your feet so that your butt is up in the air. Now you’re going to thrust forward so that you dive forward onto your hands and as you do, you’re going to bring one knee up by your side. Then thrust back again and repeat.


10 x sprinters’ knee up
The sprinters’ knee up involves standing in a low lunge position, then bringing your back leg up, past your front leg and kicking forward/up with your knee. At this point you’ll be on one leg and you can do a little hop if you want.


10 x 1 arm dumbbell squat and push
Take a dumbbell that you can comfortable clean and press for ten reps. Now put it on the floor in front of you and stand in front of it with your legs at shoulders’ width apart. Now you’re going to pick it up off the floor, pull it in to rest against your shoulder and then press it upwards in the air over your shoulder. Then lower it and put it back down.


20 jumping jacks for 1 minute
Finally, you’re going to perform 20 jumping jacks for 1 minute. Go relatively lightly with these because this is your recovery period. Yep, this is ‘active recovery’ – we told you this one was hard!


The Key to the Workout

Now the key to getting this workout right is that you’re only going to do it on one side each time around. So in other words, you’re only bringing one of your knees up during the Spider-Man push-ups and you’re only using one knee in the sprinters’ knee up.


The point of this is that you’re really focusing on isolating one set of obliques. These give you excellent definition in your abs down the side and you should find it highly punishing. Instead of swapping sides and letting you recover on each side before going onto the next move, this keeps up the intensity on that one side all the way through. It’s like cruel and unusual torture.


What’s more, all these moves are ‘compound’. That means they’re big ‘full body’ movements that utilize multiple different muscle groups and really get your metabolism going. This is excellent for burning fat and for triggering muscle growth and all-day after-burn effects. Give it a try but make sure you book in some rest for afterwards!

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