How to Get Great Lower Abs With Deep Crunches

Unfortunately abs don’t appear overnight. The question ‘do you have a six pack’ is not really one that can be answered with a binary response. Most of us don’t ‘have’ abs or ‘not’ have abs. Instead, we have some definition that we would probably like to be a little better. That might mean we have a slight outline of abs but just don’t have the deep cuts that we’d ideally like, or it could mean that some of the abs look great but other areas are flabby.


And if there’s one area that’s lagging, then it’s almost always going to be the lower abs. These are by far the toughest and most frustrating areas when it comes to getting a six pack and as such, they need some special treatment. So here’s one killer move that will target the lower abs and target them hard so that you can get a little closer to having the six pack that you want.


The Deep Crunch

The most is called ‘the deep crunch’. This is a unique exercise that looks rather strange, but it is perfect for really engaging the lower portion of the rectus abdominis and which also has the added bonus of training the core through the transverse abdominis.


So what you’re going to do is to find a resistance machine such as the lat pull down. This has some pads for your knees which are usually used to keep your legs pinned in place while you lift the weight. Instead of putting your legs under the pads though, this time you’re going to wrap them over the top so that they’re underneath your knees. This will now allow you to learn back as though you were on a decline bench – and that’s exactly what you’ll do.


Unlike a decline bench though, you’re going to find that you actually go lower than the bench (because it’s just a seat) and you end up with your back touching the floor. Throughout this, you’re going to have your hands pointing straight up (not behind you) with your arms straight. Lower yourself in a controlled and slow manner and then raise yourself up again. And as you do, keeping your arms straight up over your head, you’re going to reach for the ceiling as though you were trying to touch and really tense your core while you do (this is where the transverse abdominis comes in).


You should find that this move is absolutely killer for the lower abs and for the entire core. It might look a little odd but it’s a fantastic exercise to add to your repertoire that will really add some definition below the navel.


Now just make sure to increase your CV and to lower your caloric intake as well. Keep in mind that fat often collects around the lower midriff and this is the main reason that your lower abs don’t look as good as the upper abs. Combine deep crunches with HIIT and you’ll be onto a winner!

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