Heavy Volume Leg Workout

Every bodybuilder knows the importance of leg day. In fact seeing as the legs contain the largest muscles in the body, it actually makes sense that the legs should receive the most punishment in any training routine.


So why not hit them with this super heavy-volume leg workout?


Craig Capurso’s Heavy Volume Leg Workout

The workout comes from Craig Capurso who is known for creating intense and super effective workouts. Here heavy volume translates as super-high repetitions, or to be precise 100 repetitions of the sumo press!


This means that your ‘time under tension’ (the time your body spends actually fighting the weight) couldn’t be higher, and you’ll as such create tons of microtears and really signal the release of growth hormone in those areas.


Watch the Video Below for this Awesome Workout:



The Exercises

So without further ado, here’s what you’re going to do…


Sumo Deadlift (100 reps): We’re starting with the sumo deadlift, which is a type of deadlift where you use a wider grip than usual.

Of course doing 100 reps with no rest would be impossible unless you were using no weight at all, so feel free to break this up into sets as much as necessary, but try to be strategic so you can do more in each go. Aim for 20 on the first set, but don’t push yourself too much and risk hurting your back – lower the weight as necessary.


Superset 1

Single-Leg Alternating Press (3×10): The sumo press will train pretty much every muscle in your legs from your glutes to your hamstrings to your quads, as well as your lower back. You’re going to be exhausted and your legs will be burning at this point then… which means you’re in the ideal position to do some leg presses and really capitalise on that hard work. Here you’re going to be doing single leg presses on the leg press machine and alternating on each repetition. Single leg repetitions require a lot of control and will really isolate the quads.


Single-Leg Calf Extension (3×10): Next you’re going to do the same thing on the leg press machine but you’ll be using calf extensions instead of the usual leg press. This will really target each individual calf, but to get the most from it you should try doing super sets. This means you alternate between the calf extensions and the presses rather than giving your legs a chance to rest between sets. This keeps up the intensity.


Superset 2

Leg Extensions (2 x 20): Next up: another high intensity superset. Using the leg extension machine will guide you through the movement really isolating your quads and letting you pump out as many reps as you can now you’re in a fatigued state. Aim for 20 repetitions and make sure that the weight provides a real challenge.


Straight-Leg Kick-Back (2 x 20): Kickbacks involve using ankle cuffs so that you can kick back your leg pulling a cable behind you in the low position. You’ll be working the hamstrings in this movement which are opposite the quadriceps making for a logical superset. If you don’t have ankle cuffs, try using the leg curl machine instead.


Superset 3

Walking Lunges (1 set of 30 reps): Back up to those high repetitions now, you’re going to start with walking lunges using dumbbells. Make sure to drop really low, and make sure that you’re doing 30 reps on each leg.


Smith Machine Calf Extension (1 set of 30 reps): The second half of this final superset is a long 30 rep flush set right on the calves. Once you finish this set you should have nothing left and every last muscle in your legs should be on fire!

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